3 legged dog or the Limping Dog, also called as single leg bear crawl is an extremely challenging movement. In fact, most well-conditioned people are panting just after performing this movement for a few seconds.

This movement is challenging as we are now using only one leg to propel ourselves forward. This puts an additional weight on the hands and shoulders. Also, this movement will not be a walk as we do on four limbs in Bear Walk but actually there will be a jump from the rear leg every time you move forward.

To perform the movement:

  1. Get on all four limbs on the ground.
  2. Now raise you anyone rear leg up in the air and this will automatically move the weight on to the hands.
  3. Move ahead with hands but as you move forward jump from the leg on the ground to cover the distance for a single step.
  4. Change the leg once after particular distance or time.

The aim should be to increase the speed and cover maximum distance. But make sure the arms and legs are slightly bent or it will put a lot of pressure on the elbows.

This is an excellent movement to build strength in the upper body specially shoulders. On top of that the primary focus is on increasing your workout capacity in using those components of fitness which we don’t often use in conventional workouts. In the case of animal workouts, we are working a lot on “strength endurance”.

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