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genesis body transformation program

GENESIS, is a 1-on-1 personalized coaching program, directly under me. In GENESIS fitness program , I design a personalized workout, nutrition, supplementation etc. routine based on an individual’s goals.

Along with this comes a range of bonuses like exclusive discount coupons, free ebooks, various workouts other than the ones designed for them, and a complete exercise reference video library, where each video is made personally by me, so that you can understand the basics of each exercise movement, how it is performed correctly, and what problems you face while performing them.

genesis fitness program

(To know more about GENESIS , read the complete blog here

I have been repeatedly asked multiple questions about Genesis. I will try and address the leading queries regarding the Genesis fitness program now.

  1. GENESIS Fitness Program is Online Training, Not Video Training – What’s the Difference?

A very common doubt from people enquiring about GENESIS fitness program is whether this is a one-on-one online video training?

Now, let me clear the doubt about what do you mean by online training. Online training as such is a broad term used for training someone without the physical presence of a coach or a trainer.

There are multiple ways of online training:

  • Online Group Classes – where you have an instructor performing a workout alone, or in a group; and the person on the other side of the screen follows the exercise pattern. Zumba, Aerobics, Bhangra and other dance forms, or body weight workout programs, for e.g. Insanity, P90 etc. or classes like Spinning, Yoga, Pilates etc. all come under this category.
fitness class

But this kind of a training is not a 1-on-1 training. It’s a generalized online training, which is designed as a common workout for everyone. There is no consideration for specific individuals.

  • Online 1-on-1 Personalized Training this is what GENESIS is. These are programs which are designed for individuals, totally based on their personal needs, taking in account various aspects of their lifestyle. These are, but not limited to, their culture and traditions, taste buds, allergies and sensitivities, medical issues, goals and aims, nutritional needs, stress levels, sleep patterns etc.

In this type of training, which is followed in most part of the world, the complete program is designed and sent to an individual, depending on how the coach intends to design it, taking in account the above mentioned aspects. Many such programs are generally programs on a word or pdf document, extending into few to many pages, giving them complete diet and supplementation patterns, workouts, and other aspects, after a deep assessment of that individual.

In this type of a program, the coach generally provides videos for exercise reference. You can check in the videos, how the movement is performed and can correct yourself. For e.g. in GENESIS fitness program , I give you a big video library for not just movement using various equipment in the gym/home, but also body weight exercises; and many more videos using various tools are being added.

exercise library

Along with that, GENESIS is the only program which gives you access to exclusive workouts, and a range of free ebooks. Not even one program in the country gives you so much informative bonuses, along with the personalized program.

  • Online 1-on-1 Personalized Video Training – this is a kind of training about which certain people inquire. The only difference between this and the above training is, that here you have a trainer/coach monitoring you directly through a live video session, for the entire duration of your workout. The trainer may check your movements, motivate/push you, during the workout.

As of now, GENESIS is not having this model, but its already working on it. But this type of model comes at a higher cost, especially when quality is involved. As a lot of such cheap online trainings, do not provide you quality training, as good coaches don’t come cheap. Now, there can be different payment plans in terms of the number of 1-on-1 live training sessions a person needs per week.

But this type of training is only for a small group of population, especially those who are absolute beginners, and mostly who do not have an access to a gym, or for some reason cannot visit the gym. There are few others, who accept that they lack motivation and need someone to push them, so they need a coach in front of them. But, in an approximation, not over 10-20% people need this type of strict check or personalized monitoring.

  • Are There any Coaches/Dieticians in Genesis – or is it Just Akshay Sir?

This question is bound to come, as people have been duped by various programs in the name of online programs, promising them magical results or transformations within weeks, and sometimes even days.

But, these are the online training platforms who run the call center business, not training business. What they have is an office, where young and mostly unqualified individuals sitting in front of the computer, who have been given a common diet and workout software, deal with people.

Such training platforms are mass platforms offering cheap packages for diet and workouts, which simply cannot cater to various issues of an individual, as their business model is not that. The model is based on more volume of enrolment, i.e. quantity than quality.

The biggest issue which comes with these platforms is that, you really don’t have much of choice, as a random coach will be assigned to you, who will guide you. You really don’t know about the person’s qualifications, education background or experience. If you intend to change your coach, you again will assigned someone you don’t know about.

But GENESIS is a program which I design personally for an individual. I assess the individual myself, write and prepare the program myself, which includes everything. There is a small part which is pre-written, but that’s for clearing the basics of an individual. The entire diet pattern, supplementation regime, workout pattern etc. is designed by me and only me personally. I don’t have anyone to help me or assist me in the program design. My team helps in the admin part, coordination, feedbacks, issues being faced with the clients, financial transactions, password generation for the websites for individual clients and many such issues.

That’s why every single client, before enrolment (before paying the fee) has a personalized call with me to discuss their issues. Thereafter they remain in contact with me for the entire duration of the program, and even years to come after that, as a teacher/coach/friend/mentor. There are clients who call me, WhatsApp me virtually every other day, for any issue they face during the program.

This is the only program, where there is no limit to the number of times, you can call the coach for clearing of your doubts. Some of my clients send me video messages, video clips to monitor the movements, pics to assess the progress, voice messages etc.

This leads the next question….

  • If yes, then how does he manage everyone?

With the above explanation, a common question arises is that if this is the case, then how does Akshay sir manage so many clients. This becomes even more concerning when people come to know that I have hundreds of clients in over 25 countries around the world. This means their timing differ. So how does he manages everyone as this is quite tiring, and sometimes seem impossible.

25 countries flag

The answers is Yes, its massively exhausting, lot of times it’s overwhelming. It’s not just physically, but mentally and emotionally taxing, as there are tons of clients having serious medical or emotional/stressful issues, which I counsel or mentor them on, apart from the program. I have people of all age groups under me from every possible profession imaginable.

The main reason is that fitness for me didn’t happen by chance, or by an emotional trigger. I didn’t chose this field by accident, or because I had a breakup story behind it. It is a field which is in my genes.

I have been in the field of sports and fitness for over 2 decades. Helping people gives me more energy. Its more than just a passion for me. Fitness or coaching for me is life. I spend close to 14-16hrs every day just on various aspects of my profession. I am on my job, every waking moment of the day.

But, this doesn’t sound too convincing, isn’t it. As ultimately I am human and have similar limitations as other humans. Therefore, in GENESIS fitness program I only take a set number of clients every month. There is no unlimited enrollment or a call center model of people selling you diets and workouts like vegetables.

Not many people know this, but I refuse a number of people who only come looking for a diet or workout, as I have already addressed this multiple times that a program cannot be designed in isolation as every aspect is linked to the other. There are so many individuals who are being fooled in the name of diets today, and they come looking for similar diets which gives them overnight results.

A small talk with them is enough for me to understand that diet is not even the issue with them, and if they continue this way, they will keep on hopping from one diet to another, and just increase the amount of stress, they are already under.

Also, as I explained above that most of my management work in terms of admin, accounts, feedbacks, callings etc. is taken care off by my team. This helps me focus on content creation and client management, primarily.

  • What R The Various Payment Methods? Do International clients have to pay more?

Initially when I started with GENESIS fitness program , I had clients only in India. slowly the client base spread to various states across the country and then I started getting calls from international clients. Today with clients from over 25 countries, one concern often remains in the mind of both national and international clients is about the payment methods.

First is the total fee and how to pay. This is not a super costly program like a lot of programs in India. Neither it is an absolutely cheap program like the call center business model. As I said before, my aim is to help people and make the program affordable to every person, but also limit the serious from the non-serious clients. To check the price of the program, just enter your details on the main page of the GENESIS fitness program on my website (https://werstupid.com/genesis-online-personal-training/). But I can assure you the program is affordable even for students.

price of the fitness program

Also, the genuineness of the price is assured by the fact, that the price is same for clients in India or abroad. Just because someone is in a country, whose currency value is higher, doesn’t mean that a higher fee would be charged. The price remains same for everyone. Yes, there is a small discount being offered for students and for defense, police and paramilitary personnel. Plus, in few cases, there are options for installments too.

But the strongest point to prove the genuineness is that for countries whose currency is undervalued as compared to Indian currency, the price is charged according to their currency, so that it doesn’t cost them more.

Now, when it comes to the payment methods, I have tried to make the process as simple as possible, and made available every possible payment method out there for both national and international clients. Right from direct account transfer through online transfer, credit/debit card, Western Union, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM etc. all methods are available. So, it generally the issues with payments are not faced anymore.

payment method
  • Will GENESIS Fitness Program give 100% Guaranteed Results ?

This question is typically asked by Indians more than people from other countries, because it’s easy to lie to someone with a guarantee.

Let me start with an example. There are some self-proclaimed fitness experts on social media who sell any stupid worthless supplement, followed by a tagline that It’s my personal guarantee behind these supplements.

Now imagine, you going are going to buy a house. What will you look at in the house? Of course, the location, price, quality etc. but you will look at the papers first, whether this property is genuine or has no legal issues involved. Or, will you just take a property because someone random says that, it’s my personal guarantee?

180 days genesis fitness program

No one will. Then why do you trust someone selling you such worthless products and programs, just because someone says “its my guarantee”. Who is this person to give a guarantee? No body. For that matter, why will you even trust me, till you know about me, the program you are going to enroll in, and every other related information.

That’s why most people enrolling in the program, who don’t know about me, or haven’t watched my videos, check everything about my qualification, educational background, about my channel, about the GENESIS fitness program, about the results being produced.

Akshay chopra

Then they add their details in the GENESIS fitness program on my website. Thereafter, my team calls them and inquires various things. The next step is the call with me, wherein they discuss and clear a lot of their issues. It is only then that the person enrolls in the program after getting totally convinced.

Now, the program starts with a lot of detailed information being sent to the client and then the communication follows throughout the program.

But does everyone gets 100% results? NO. Absolutely Not. It simply cannot be. If anyone says that everyone gets guaranteed results, then they are blatantly lying to you. As there are way too many issues with every single individual.

  • Some people adhere very well to the program and get amazing results.
  • Yet, there are others who are not able to follow the program after sometime due to a family issue, a work commitment, an illness of self or someone in the family, or some other issue which may occur in their lives.
  • There are also people, who may need a change in various aspects, as the results they expect are either slow or not coming as intended.
  • Some people simply give up, and can’t follow the program, as they don’t want to put in the work required.
  • Very few are those, who start finding fault with the program, without even starting the program and actually overestimate themselves.

For e.g. I remember a client, who had some weird questions about topics in health and fitness topics, which were not related to his program or his needs. On the other hand, he didn’t understood these topics deeply, but thought himself to be overintellectual just after listening to a video on any random topic, till I explained him how he is going wrong, and he needs to focus on what all aspects. But at the end of just two weeks, all he had was questions, and told that he needs advance training, and this program was not designed as per his needs.

The reality was that such clients are not there for the program and can never get results from any program, as for them they are too superior in terms of knowledge than everyone else. That’s a different matter, that he was morbidly obese and couldn’t even perform a knee pushup, forget about advance workouts. These clients are non-teachable clients.

Similarly, there are various other aspects with every single client. That’s why there is nothing called a guarantee in such programs. When you see the before after pics or amazing testimonials of my clients on the website, these are those clients, who simply followed the program, without any excuse. It’s their adherence and consistency which gave them the results. Now, that’s the real truth.

Let me give you another example, which all of us have gone through or know about. I give this example virtually every time. In a classroom in a school, how many kids get excellent grades? Not more than 5-10% of the total students. What about the rest of the students? Are they dumb? Are they being taught by some inferior teachers? Are they from a different school? Are the books different?

transformations in genesis

There of course can be various issues with the children. They may not like the subjects, may not have the focus on academics, or any other emotional or mental issue they are going through. But, unfortunately, the way to get results is just one, i.e. consistent hard work and going through the pain of sitting and studying with focus, for long hours. Whatever, your intellectual level be, the results will follow only the ones who work for it.

The same is true for every field in life, including health and fitness. It’s you who has to do the work. The best coach or program in the world cannot assure you results, if you are not ready to work for it. A coach shows you the path, but ultimately, it’s you who has to walk on it. The path is always hard, but you only have two options, either go through it and reach your goal, or refuse to walk on it, i.e. just give up.

  • Do U Have to Enroll Again After 3 Months?

This is more of a fear than a question. What after the period of 90 days/3 months is over. Is there another fee to be paid? The answer is, 100% NO.

180 days body transformation program

This is more like a scam going on in the industry, wherein the aim of a dietician/trainer is to make the client dependent on themselves. This is done mainly by the following misleading practices:

For e.g. by giving the client a new diet every day – this is done by making the client understand that there is some rocket science involved and they need a new diet every single day. If they stop taking the diet, then they would stop getting results, and would be back to square one once they stop following the diet.

This is absolute rubbish and the only time in the human history wherein such idiotic practice is being used. I have asked this question repeatedly in my videos, that why the hell someone needs to tell you what to eat, every single day; except may be for some initial time.

The aim of every single fitness or nutrition professional is to make you learn. The aim is tell you the ‘WHY’ behind everything they are telling you. The aim is to make you independent so that you can understand the basics of nutrition. Even a doctor doesn’t prescribe you medicines in this way. You are initially prescribed a set of medicines, after an initial diagnosis. The doctor tells you when it is to be had and in what dose. If the illness goes, well and good, if not, then further examination goes on. Your doctor doesn’t send you a new prescription every day. Then, why the hell we need to be told what is to be eaten every day.

know your why

This is not written in any nutrition textbook or research. These are self-made prescription patterns to make the client dependent on the trainer/dietician, so that it becomes a long time income source for them.

In GENESIS Fitness Program , I don’t just tell you what to, and what not to eat. We all know it. I just make you understand the why behind everything, and make you understand how their cultural eating pattern is the best thing they can follow, and they just need to correct the pattern nutritionally, and check the quantity. The aim is to make you independent, so that you won’t need any dietician after these 90 days. Of course, basic confusions will always be there, but you don’t need a new diet every day.

Dieticians/trainers actually try to make you realize that right from the time you were born, you are going all wrong. All your ancestors were wrong, and only they can tell you some miracle way of eating. Bullshit!!

Remember, what I have said hundreds of time before. A diet is for life. If you can’t eat what you are eating, for life, then you are on an adventure.

That’s why you don’t have to pay the money again and again after 3 months. There is nothing extra charged for anything. There is no hidden cost involved anywhere.

  • How do We Check Our Progress in GENESIS?

This again is a question which comes in mind of a lot of people, because they have been under a constant bombardment of information which leads to nothing but confusion.

For e.g. a BCA (Body Composition Analysis) machine is a good way to measure a number of parameters in the body, be it fat percentage, muscle mass, water etc. But, there are two questions which I ask people.

Body Composition Analysis

Over 99% of the population either don’t have an access to a BCA machine or they simply can’t afford it. And, 100% of the people, before this machine was available commercially, had no access to such equipment. How did back then, and even now, people check their progress?

Second, is a question, which even the company guys selling this machine aren’t able to answer. Let’s say I know the exact number of my fat percentage, or muscle mass, Now What? What am I supposed to do with the printout which is handed over to you with all the measurements written on it?

Think logically and practically, and understand that all modern inventions are there to help the humanity progress and solve problems. But you don’t really need most of the things in practicality. Somethings are made for one purpose, and finding its commercial profitability, companies start promoting it for another purpose.

The best way to assess yourself first is through the mirror. The mirror would tell you the amount of fat you are carrying. You don’t need to know the exact number, as that won’t make any difference. Not even to a competitive athlete. As such the only sport where such measurement is needed is bodybuilding and physique. That too is more to do with visual difference than the number.

see your body in mirror

For a layman, even that’s not needed. If you are going low on fat percentage, the mirror will tell you. Your clothes will tell you. If you are gaining muscle mass, again it’s the mirror which tells you. That’s how you check the progress.

But even this is a wrong way of checking progress. Standing in front of the mirror or on a BCA machine, will give you a visual or a numerical figure. But not tell you how to progress. These are results which you get by doing something. It’s like saying that, you want to get good marks in your exam. But looking at your marksheet won’t tell you anything. The only way to score better is to study hard.

Same is with the fat loss/muscle gain process. Losing fat or gaining muscle is a result, or the marks. To get better results, you need to focus on the processes like, are you gaining strength? Is your diet pattern being followed? Are rest of the lifestyle issues assessed and being balanced? If, the answer is yes, then results will follow. To speed up the results is a different thing altogether.

Therefore, understand what you really need to focus on, and cut out the complicated crap being bombarded on to you from all sides. You can be amazingly fit, healthy and strong without any technical measuring equipment. And can be in the worse state of your life, with the best of the equipment and facilities. This is the secret which no one wants to tell you, but you must know it.

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