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Often, people looking for fitness courses, come across many confusing names in such courses, which may or may not mean anything. For e.g. we saw how terms like ‘basic trainer course’ and ‘international trainer course’ used separately to confuse the person and earn more money.

Just like these, there are other terms which may or may not mean anything in terms of the content being offered. Or, in some cases be even be unnecessary to pursue.

personal training

For e.g. Advance personal trainer. I don’t really know what this means. This is a latest term being used by some fitness educational institutes, primarily Indian institutes. But when I saw the course content, it was actually quite substandard as compared to even a basic personal trainer course by a good international or even domestic course. But then I realized looking the other courses offered by that institute or the quality of content offered, that these are among those run-of-the-mill institutes which offer courses, purely for business.

The ‘advance personal/fitness trainer’ was the name given to a course, just to make it look different and make it sound superior. Its funny that, ACSM, ACE, ISSA, NASM, NSCA etc. do not offer any such advance personal training course. For them a personal training course is just one, and then are other specialized courses, which they offer.

Now, when it comes to the ‘Master personal/fitness trainer’ course, then there are two types of master trainer courses being offered by different institutes. For e.g. some institutes offer a complete course like the basic personal training course, in the name of master personal training course. So you have one ‘basic personal trainer certification’ and then you have the ‘master personal training certification’.

On the other hand, are the institutes which a master trainer course, wherein they combine a number of their different specialized certifications in one course, and if you complete all of them, you get the master trainer tag. For e.g. ISSA.

But there is an issue with both types, though the latter is much better.

Firstly, when I talk about a separate ‘master trainer’ certification, as I covered before in brief, that it is quite an unnecessary certification and it really means nothing. Just paying to learn some advance techniques in brief is not going to help you much, if you have done your basic trainer course.

It is much better to do different specialized certifications, once you have done your basic trainer course. For e.g. one should be doing ‘strength & conditioning’, ‘senior fitness’, ‘youth fitness’, ‘special population’, ‘corrective exercise’ etc. specialized courses which will give you in-depth knowledge of these subjects, rather than doing one master trainer certification, which may teach you little about all of the above courses.

The second type of ‘master trainer’ certification is much better, where in you do a range of specialized courses, from that institute and then get a tag of a master trainer. But here the problem may be that the courses being offered under the specialized certifications may not be what you need or those subjects which are quite unnecessary to study in form of a certification.

Therefore, one should be clear about the type of portfolio one wants to build.

In my opinion:

  • There is no ‘advance personal/fitness trainer’ course. That’s quackery and stupidity.

  • It’s much better to build your portfolio by choosing carefully & doing advance specialized individual certifications as mentioned, rather than doing any ‘master trainer course’.

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