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With over two decades of experience, I can vouch for one thing, the problems plaguing the Indian fitness professionals are absolutely different from their western counterparts, a reason, why no one ever tells them about these issues, so they never get a solution.

I am here to point out the biggest issues, I found over the years with the Indian fitness professionals. You have open your heart and minds to accept it and then work on them, of you find any of these problems are linked to you.

  1. BIG, INFLATED & FALSE EGO – this may be the biggest issue I have seen with Indian fitness professionals. False, inflated ego is the biggest obstacle in my view, which is preventing you from progressing in your career. And believe you me, the ego I am talking about is coming from simply nowhere. The source are certain false believes among themselves:
  • No one knows more than me, I know everything attitude.
  • I don’t need to learn anymore.
  • I can’t be wrong, don’t tell me, mind your own business.
  • How can he know more than me.
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These are some of the many issues, I have observed overtime in Indian coaches. This unaccepting and negative attitude, turns them into a rigid tree, which may grow tall, but be the first one to fall, when the storm comes. It’s the tall, but flexible trees, which are ready to bend, that survive the storm and live long.

This false ego, is preventing the coaches from upgrading their knowledge, which is extremely vital in today’s scenario. The, I know it all attitude, fuels their rigidity and ego, and grows with age. A senior trainer, therefore, is the most difficult to convince, that he/she need to learn in many aspects.

  • TIME WASTING & LACK OF LEARNING – another big issue I find, almost in every profession. No one has more than 24hrs in a day. So, do not tell me you don’t have time. Even the richest and the most powerful people in the world, fortunately have the same time with them, i.e. 24hrs in a day. The only difference is that they utilize every moment very productively.

Whoever’s life I have evaluated (limiting to fitness professionals), I found that they are simply whiling away their time in useless aspects. Be it gossiping and chatting with friends and other coaches/colleagues, wasting time with girlfriend/boyfriend, watching useless television soaps, wasting time on social media platforms, frequent partying etc. are some of the most common time wasting techniques used.

Time which can be spend in pursuit of excellence, and upgradation of their work and life skills, is being wasted on these pursuits. FOCUS is what is missing from their lives. They are just going through life, not growing through it.

  • TRUST – THE STRONGEST MISSING LINK  – I have specially harped upon the two words ‘Long-Term’ & ‘Sustainable’, because that’s what is the biggest issue in the entire fitness world, where coaches/dieticians are interested in a ‘quick-get result-and then forget’ formula, in order to earn a quick buck. That’s the biggest hurdle in creating a lifelong, sustainable income source.

This is the biggest factor missing, when it comes to client relationship. This happens a combination of above two factors, where in your big, inflated & false ego comes in between learning and upgrading yourself, and whatever time you should be devoting towards your career and increasing your knowledge and income sources, you are wasting in useless pleasures. As a result, your knowledge is incomplete and in a lot of cases outdated.

Remember, the time for bullshit is over. Clients are now educated, and well informed, thanks to social media and internet. You may be able to fool them for some time, but eventually they will know the truth, and when they come to know about it, they will not just give you a kick, but also, will act as the biggest adverse advertising for you.

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This has happened with a lot of fitness and nutrition professionals, who have opted for dangerous shortcuts for results, like extreme dieting methodology, use of useless supplements, medicines and steroids etc. These extreme methods will surely give you results for a very short time, but will surely backfire, and then what will be lost is trust.

This is done by most fitness/nutrition professionals for short terms gains and quick money. The question is why? For how long will you do it? What after that? Are you in this profession for a short time? Do your inner self or ethics allow you to cheat your clients? If the answer is NO, then probably you are doing it because you yourself have no idea, about the right approach.


What is true for every human being on the planet, is that we can never be perfect, we can never know it all, and even end of many lives, won’t ever mean an end of knowledge. Remember, there is a difference between self-respect and false ego. You must have a self-respect, in all cases, but false-ego won’t take you anywhere.

My suggestion to all the coaches and fitness/nutrition professionals is: LEARN, LEARN & LEARN. Constant reading and upgrading yourself is the only way to progress. Remember:

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Believe me when I say, that being busy and having work to do, is actually a blessing, many people long to have. And when they have it, they take it for granted. There are many unprivileged people who are praying to get a simple job, and would give anything to have a busy life. And here you are whiling away your time and energy in unproductive pursuits.

Successful people are not born, they don’t grow on trees. There is no magic, there is no short-cut, there is nothing except grit and the dogged pursuit of your goals. What the hell are you doing, if you are not devoted 100% to your career?

Image result for from the moment they wake they devoted themselves

The first step towards building trust in your clients is to educate your client. Long-time back I heard an absolute dumb advice from a very senior coach, i.e. ‘never educate your client too much, or they will leave you someday, once they gain all the knowledge’. Believe me, this type of crap is still prevalent in the fitness industry. There are very few good fitness/nutrition professionals who are interested in imparting knowledge to their clients.

The best way to have a long-term relation, and make sustainable clientele which grows by word of mouth, is by spreading knowledge, not by hiding it. If anyone thinks that the client would learn too much, and leave him, then he is not just insecure, but highly underconfident of his/her own potential. Or, simply knows that, he has very limited capability to retain clients. But, remember one thing, the biggest advertising for your business and profession is your clientele. Your one client will tell number of others, to join you and take professional advice from you, if they are impressed with your knowledge and results. Believe me, you cannot sustain shit for long.

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