Animal Flow Exercise- What Is It & What Are the Benefits

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We, humans are closely connected with nature. The association between humans and nature goes beyond the extent one believes. The five fundamentals of which our body is composed of are– Fire, Earth, water, Air and Sky, which are the rudimentary elements of nature. One can’t isolate oneself from nature and sustain one’s existence.

The very close linkage with nature is the prime root of our yearning to learn and comprehend animal movements in which the various moves of animals are mimicked.

What Is Animal Flow (AF) Exercises?

Animal Flow exercises are basically the body weight exercises which mirror the animal movements, which are invented by Mike Fitch from USA( ,an eminent fitness educator , having 20 years in the fitness industry. His forte is kettle bell training and Sports specific training.

Animal Flow exercises can be perceived as a paramount formula of channelizing our inner animal instinct and energy. Emotions like anger, passion, urge of expressing inner fiery sentiments are brought forth in the form of physical moves with the help of animal flow exercises. These moves are basically ground-based workouts which incorporates dynamic animals moves with the poses of yoga and gymnastics, calisthenics, and breakdancing.

The Purpose of AF:

Animal Flow exercises are those extraordinary body weight exercises which simultaneously work on enhancement of strength, power, flexibility, agility, mobility, and coordination. It’s apt as a standalone workout and a group activity as well, which has a distinct element of fun filled challenges.

Chief Components of Animal Flow Exercise:

Entire concept of animal flow exercise is based on its 6 basic elements or components. These components can be used separately, can be mixed and matched too, in order to create desired refined movements.

Here is the list of 6 basic components of animal flow exercises:

1) Wrist mobilization or movement:

Wrist mobilization is a very primary movement, however, utterly crucial. Healthy and strong wrists are essential to execute the AF exercises with a proper form.

2) Activation:

This component of AF is a kind of warm up or waking up your body and bring it consciously in connection with the ground. The two main activation positions of the AF are crab and beast positions, which are in a way, the bases of the whole gamut of AF exercises.

3) Form Specific Stretching (FSS):

To build mobility throughout the motion to be executed in AF exercises, a fine intermingling of stability and flexibility is achieved with the support of FSS. In FSS, one of the animal base positions (beast/crab) is performed with diverse range of motion to generate the Flows.

4) Travelling forms:

Travelling forms are the mirroring process of animal locomotive movements that would improve the functionality of “human animal”movements. There are 3 fundamental travelling forms referred as ABCs of animal flow exercises. ABC stands for Ape, Beast, Crab. The ABCs have multifaceted approach with hordes of variations.

5) Switches and Transitions (S & T):

As the name suggests, S & T are the energetic movements, which could be performed as an isolated exercise or can be knit into interminable combination and permutations by linking them with one another. The four central S&T are —Under switch, Side Kick through, Scorpion and Front Kick through.

6) Flows:

Flows are the various movements woven together to create incessant successions of motion. The prerequisite of practicing flows is the individual’s mastery over every movement, thus they can be intertwined to put up a phenomenal flow.

The Benefits of Animal Flow exercises:

  • AF exercises are enjoyable forms of exercises to perform!!
  • AF workouts offer multidimensional health benefits by improving cardiovascular function, muscular and cognitive coordination.
  • They present us with the advantage to reap on the front of flexibility, agility, strength, stamina and power.

Who can do AF exercises:

AF exercises are a good to go choice for anybody who is keen to add an extra edge to his/ her physical fitness. They are suitable for a person of any age and gender. No matter, where one currently stands in his fitness trajectory, one
can earn absolute joy of Animal Flow exercise by incorporating them in one’s regular workouts too. They can be performed without any equipment, thus making them hassle – free.