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Every year thousands of people either consider taking fitness training/nutritional guidance as their career, or plan to switch careers, for following their passion in the field of fitness/nutrition. But, unfortunately there is no clear direction for them, no clear guidance how to begin and more importantly, how to progress and move up the ladder. No effective & reliable course in fitness training.

On the other hand, thousands other, who are already in the profession, like fitness trainers, dietitians, sports coaches, strength coaches, physical education teachers etc. are clueless about how to progress in their careers.They have no idea how to increase their income streams, and what all avenues are available for career progression.

Most of the information available is either too minimal to get a complete know-how of fitness as a career, or is based on the recommendations of the western nations which doesn’t suit our scenario over here. More so, the information is scattered in a way that it’s virtually impossible for someone to collectively get it in one place. Like if there were a comprehensive, conveniently online course to become a fitness trainer or nutritional coach.

Don’t worry, most fitness & nutrition professionals in India have gone through the same scenario, and even worse, they have all been misguided, which they realized much later in their lives.

For me too, it was the same case, despite having a rich practical experience, I was dependent on un-researched and biased pieces of information, from either muscle magazines, or some self-proclaimed coaches, who themselves
had no scientific resource to gain knowledge from. None of them had gone through any appropriate training or held a trustworthy certification.

Moreover, there are way too many variables to consider, too many concepts to clarify, and too many questions to be answered, before youmove on this path. It’s after all a question of your career and life, not a side hustle.

But, with CDACC, you will get answers to all your questions, and much more, in a single place.

CDACC is a complete blueprint for a super successful career in fitness and nutrition, and the first of its kind course in the country.

No course before has ever combined all the important facets of a career in fitness and nutrition in one place. In this regard, it is one of the best online courses for fitness coaches in India.

So, let’s begin…


Unlike many others, my journey to being a fitness entrepreneur, coach & influencer, didn’t happen by accident, or because I stumbled upon something, or due to some emotional breakdown, or because I had a breakup with my girlfriend.

Sports and fitness were in my genes. My grandfather being a former wrestler, my mom being a national award-winning athlete, I stumbled upon the amazing world of sports quite early.

But my waterloo was academics. I hated studying and of course, I was termed useless and worthless, from quite an early age. None of the people ever had any hopes, forget high hopes from me. They were sure that I would amount to nothing. This was despite that I was very good in sports, in dramatics and other activities.

But I had a side of my life, which was hidden from others. Though I hated studying, but I loved reading. I was a voracious reader. I used to get totally immersed in the subject, when I used to read. My imagination used to run
wild when I used to read.

That’s one of the reasons, of course along with sports, that a guy who was termed worthless, cleared the prestigious National Defence Academy exam, in my very first attempt.

And then, life changed completely in a direction and world, I had never experienced or heard of.

Eventually from NDA, I went to Air Force Academy, where I started my flying and was commissioned in Indian Air Force as a Pilot.

I remember my first posting, which was in Baroda, Gujarat. A beautiful city. One day I was working out in a gym, and some trainers approached me, and asked me if I had ever competed in bodybuilding. And of course, bodybuilding was never on my radar. But they convinced me to give it a shot, because of my good base physique, which I had built over the years.

I did, and won my first gold medal, in my very first district championship. And then my journey into competitive bodybuilding began. Soon I got a call from the Indian Air Force bodybuilding team, and next couple of years I
was continuously competing and winning competitions.

During all these years I was blessed to train under some of the finest Indian coaches in athletics, military training and bodybuilding. But I found one aspect lacking big time in Indian sports and fitness. That was science & evidence-based approach to fitness, nutrition, supplementation etc.

That was when I started studying more about exercise science and related subjects. I did several international courses and certifications, wrote hundreds of blogs, & authored multiple books and eBooks.

I conducted talks for thousands of people of all ages across the nation in various defence establishments, schools, universities, corporates, Hospitals, gyms, fitness expos, venues like Josh Talks, 3x ,TEDx, India International Science Festival etc.

Opened up some of the biggest gyms, launched multiple products and started my own brands. Made thousands of videos across various social media platforms, trained people of virtually every age group and profession, in over 40 countries around the world, under my Online program GENESIS and much more.

But now, when I look back, I wish I had the roadmap to move ahead in my career. A blueprint on what was to be done, and what obstacles I was likely to come across.

A course or a workshop, to educate me in what this career was all about, what opportunities we have, and what is the future of this industry. And most importantly, how to earn money. How to market our products and services and how to create a personal brand. The list of questions and doubts were long.

I’ve spent years learning and refining my craft, acquiring knowledge on multiple subjects, but there was a time, when I really felt clueless about how to collectively use this knowledge in the right way. Now I know that a systematic course in fitness coaching, to enable me to become an effective professional, is what I needed then.

It was not until I discovered the other side of fitness and nutrition industry, i.e. client psychology, marketing and sales, customer service, building a team, and ultimately building a personal brand, that my fitness career took a different turn.

Here are some of the things I learned during my journey:

  • A lot of fitness and nutrition professionals, forget the most important thing, that a great coach is not a person who has read the greatest number of books, or done more courses. Had this been the case, then the coach with most qualifications would be the most successful. But that’s never the case.

  • To understand about the future of this industry, you need to accept that like all other industries, the fitness industry is also evolving every day. And you, have to evolve with it.

  • I made a lot of mistakes during my journey. I got cheated. I was deceived by the very people I trusted. But I learned from my mistakes, and progressed ahead. I still fail, and will continue to face failures, as that’s part of life’s journey. But the aim is to learn from it, and never stop.

Failure teaches you great things, but we realize that much later. No one starts by having all the knowledge and wisdom. Everyone starts from scratch. And all successful people have failed in their path to greatness. You will too. And as your career grows and progresses, the risk of failure grows. But so do the rewards.

  • Everyone is different, and have different mindsets and working capacity. Some may take less time, and others may take lot longer. But to achieve your goals, you need to first chalk out a detailed roadmap, and have a clear blueprint in place. That’s where an exhaustive, precise & relevant course for fitness coaches, personal trainers & dietitians comes in.

  • Don’t fear change, that’s the only constant. Accept it, and work on it. You may be having multiple questions in your mind at this stage, a lot of fears in your heart about what lies ahead in the future, lot of negative emotions, lot of family and public influences. But that’s all right. That’s how everyone starts in the beginning. The only difference between the successful and unsuccessful is perseverance and a never-give-up attitude.

Over the years, after training thousands of clients around the world and mentoring hundreds of fitness and nutrition professionals, I found some very common but strong concerns. I also found that even today, the same old questions and doubts persist.

I get these doubts all the time on my social media platforms, mails etc. in some form or the other. This is because unlike other conventional career options, there is no clear cut defined path in fitness. And when I searched for the answers, there was simply no one single place to find them all in our country. This means, there are thousands of fitness & nutrition professionals, who are searching for these answers.

That’s when I decided to launch – CDACC

CDACC is the biggest most extensive and up-to-date course for building careers in fitness training and nutrition in India. While there are no one-size-fits-all approach in fitness, but I will provide you a clear & comprehensive path for progression in this field. I will give you the current and future state of the industry, the number of options available to fitness professionals and the pros and cons of each.

In addition to this, we will clarify the process of becoming a true professional in the field of fitness, and how to have a flourishing career. We will have an overview of all the career options available to you, and how you can open up multiple revenue streams to make it a financially stable and prospering career.

The aim of this course was to cover all those questions, and many more, which are asked by:

  • People who want to take fitness and nutrition as a profession and are confused about whether this is the right choice, and what is the future.
  • Novices, who have recently entered this profession, and have no idea how to progress, and have been getting all mixed and confusing info, from different sources.
  • Fitness & Nutrition professionals, who are already in this field for some time now, but aren’t able to progress, and are feeling stagnated, i.e. need a course in fitness & nutrition to refresh, update & boost their capacity.
  • People who want a change or shift in their career, and want to make fitness and nutrition as their career choice, but don’t know what lies ahead.
  • Sports coaches, fitness coaches, dietitians, strength & conditioning coaches, yoga teachers and practitioners, school and university physical education teachers etc. Such professionals are very much preoccupied in their institutional workplace and an especially online course to enhance their fitness coaching skills with modern & currently best techniques would suit them immensely.

The CDACC course will cover the following topics in detail:

MODULE 1, 2, 3 & 4 – SOFT SKILLS

What is CDACC?
You Need to Understand This.
What will CDACC give You?
Who all Should do CDACC?
What will you Learn in CDACC?


  1. What is the Future of Fitness Industry?
  2. How the fitness industry changed – post Covid?
  3. Find your ‘WHY’
  4. The main problems with Indian fitness professionals.
  5. What are the solutions?
  6. You think it’s going to be easy?
  7. You are not in the Fitness industry?


  1. Don’t limit your growth
  2. Identify & Master your Niche
  3. Become an authority, not an opportunist
  4. Why you need to build a Personal Brand?
  5. 3 guiding principles for career success
  6. Don’t hope for it, work for it
  7. Don’t go after – viral or trends


  1. Grass is not greener on the other side
  2. Me, me & me
  3. Not everyone loves fitness
  4. Simplify – as much as you can
  5. Attack from all sides
  6. Nothing Sells, if it isn’t Sold
  7. What’s your Avatar?
  8. What type of coach are you?
  9. Communication skills – why you need to master it?
  10. Why you need to build a following?
  11. Why you need Automation?
  12. Be a true professional


  1. Everyone wants more clients
  2. Why you need to build an amazing team?
  3. Different types of clients, and how to deal with them?
  4. Create a memorable experience for the client
  5. 10 Do’s & Don’ts to increase client conversion
  6. The art of follow-up


  1. How can you multiply your income?
  2. Online & Offline earning options – PROs & CONs
  3. Why you need a website?
  4. Why you should have a blog?
  5. Basics of Affiliate marketing
  6. Why should someone buy from you?


  1. How to choose a fitness institute?
  2. What certifications you need & don’t need?
  3. Subjects & Tools you should learn about
  4. Beware of such institutes
  5. Biggest problem with Indian fitness institutes?
  6. Harsh reality of fitness Jobs in India?
  7. Difference between a degree & certification?
  8. How Females can make an amazing fitness career?
  9. Difference between sports & fitness courses?


  1. All about becoming a personal trainer
  2. Progression as a Fitness Trainer
  3. All about careers in Nutrition
  4. All about becoming a strength & conditioning coach.
  5. All about becoming a fitness coach for older adults.
  6. All about becoming a fitness coach for the kids.
  7. All about becoming a corrective exercise coach.
  8. All about becoming a special population coach.
  9. Career as a Group Fitness Instructor
  10. Career as a Sports Coach