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Here is another extremely powerful circuit that involves nothing but your own bodyweight. It’s a combination of bodyweight workouts and animal movements i.e. high knees and duck walk.

You can take marker cones to mark the distances between the points for the workouts.

It’s an excellent circuit to target both your upper and lower body in one workout.

It will give you all you need in just one circuit. Endurance through high knees movement, strength & flexibility through animal movements & the coordination to perform the complicated movements in the right form.

The problem with high knees movement is that it is though the most commonly done movement both outdoors and in gyms today, but most of the people do this movement incorrectly. Either they are not taking the knees high enough, or as they take the knee higher their upper body tends to fall behind. Please watch the video to understand the correct way to perform a high knee movement.

high knees

Similar problems are observed during the ‘duck walk’ movement, which is again correctly demonstrated in the video.

Here is how you would perform the circuit-

Pt A – B – HIGH KNEES (10m)

Pt B – A – DUCK WALK (10m)

Pt B – A – HIGH KNEES (10m)

Do the following circuit, 4-6 times or more, with the rest of 60-120sec in between sets.