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Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

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March 25, 2022
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Sahil GuptaGenesis Fitness Coach
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FMS is FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME which is also known as fibrositis. It is a chronic and often disabling condition, characterized by widespread body pain and severe fatigue. Many a times it is accompanied by other problems such as irritable bowel, headache, and sleep difficulties. Other conditions that many times are grouped into this same category are chronic fatigue syndrome and myofasical pain. Persons with fibromyalgia syndrome suffer from chronic pain that is often very debilitating. A person suffering from chronic pain not only suffers from the pain itself, but also psychologically. Loss of self-esteem, which leads to depression and isolation, often triggers more pain that leads to further disability; a vicious downward spiral of pain and disability.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome


EXERCISE is a solution and can be of tremendous help for people suffering from FMS. However, for exercise to be effective for persons with chronic muscle pain, it is important to recognize that proper exercise is critical to maintain adequate strength and mobility, in order to function properly. It might sound a little contrasting to people who are suffering as they are already undergoing a traumatic pain,and the very idea of exercising can be strange. However, herein lies the key. A SENSIBLE EXERCISE PROGRAM that shall strengthen the muscles is vital and can do wonders in ones healing. Also, a person with chronic pain is often afraid to exercise, for fear that the pain will be exacerbated. But the right approach is to start slowly, very slowly. If the person can do minimal exercise without significantly increasing the pain level, that is real progress.

athlete tying their shoes for minimal exercise


  1. A person with any chronic painful condition must be active in his/her own care. The more time and effort one takes to learn how one reacts to exercise; the better will be their progress.

2. Learn and maintain proper body mechanics. Using proper body mechanics while performing activities will help to prevent further pain.

3. RELAX….it’s a long process and will take time. Learn to relax periodically throughout the day. This will help to break the cycle of muscle tension that often increases the pain level.

4. Stretch often to keep muscles supple and flexible.

5. Increase your aerobic fitness. Use low- or no-impact activities such as walking or even strolling at first,and as and when the person feels better, you can increase the pace.

6. Stationary biking is useful many people like recumbent bikes because they can sit and be more comfortable.

7. Always stretch after the exercise session.

8. Learn techniques to manage pain such as heat, ice, or whirlpool baths. Therapists may employ such things as electrical stimulation and ultrasound.

9. Stay as fit as possible.

Research shows that conditioning muscles through mild to moderate aerobic exercise improves the symptoms of FMS. Of course, start very slowly! Start with a 1 to 3-minute walk followed by 1 to 3 minutes of stretching. If the pain is tolerable, then add 2 to 5 minutes each week of additional walking and continue to progress slowly until you can do three bouts of 10 minutes, with the goal of 30 minutes of non-stop walking.

10. Don’t ever overdo it!

11. Don’t mask pain with pills and drugs. Pills and Drugs are pain killers. That might help you subside the pain but aren’t the solution.

Sahil Gupta

Sahil Gupta is a fitness coach with the best fitness program in the country-GENESIS. A well qualified trainer and sports nutritionist, Sahil has had various certifications and specializations. With his in-depth knowledge and expertise, he has been guiding and helping many people to achieve their fitness goals. A few of his certifications are: *CPR/AED Certified* *Resistance training specialist ( RTS level 1 ) ( U.S.A )* *Hormone and performance specialist* *Posture correction specialist* *Human biomechanics specialist* *Sports injury specialist* *Level 3 Strength system coach* *Level 3 Performance nutrition specialist*

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