Fitness Institutes Can’t Treat Diseases

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Every day I talk to multiple clients in my Genesis program, and over the years this has resulted in getting to know thousands of clients from around the world.

Everyone has their unique challenges, different issues, different lifestyle, culture, eating habits, medical cases etc.

But what’s more interesting is when these clients tell me about their experiences or should I say bitter experiences with self-proclaimed medical experts, or overnight nutritionist or trainers, whose absolutely wrong advise has harmed many of them, in short or in the long run.

I have already exposed large amount of bullshit going on the social media, in fitness & nutrition, by these pseudo experts, but lately there is another development in these lines.

Not one but multiple people have approached me with digestive issues, and as a fitness and nutrition professional, I can only advise them on the nutrition part of it, and what they should consume or not, to help them treat the issue and relieve the symptoms.

Now, there are several limitations to these advices:

  1. I or in fact, no one, can diagnose a medical problem on social media. A medical issue needs a proper diagnosis and testing. It can be a mild issue, or a very serious one, or there may not be an issue at all.

2. One is not allowed or even ethically should not try and treat the problem medically, it’s the job of a qualified medical professional.

3. There can be multiple digestive issues, it’s not a single line advice for everyone. You can try basic herbs and nutrients, but in extreme cases you need immediate medical intervention.

This is where the issue comes. I have been approached by multiple clients, who told me that, they had been facing some digestive problems, like gas formation, GERD, improper motions, bloating etc. which is fine and can be taken care of.

But if the problem is more serious and prolonged, the first step is a specialist, like a gastroenterologist, who can check the issue and give the diagnosis, and basic treatment.

However, these clients, instead of going to a doctor, went on to consult, a fitness institute, on someone’s advice. It can be a coach or nutritionist from the institute or may be the owner himself. Again, not an issue, till the time the advice is a general nutrition or exercise advice.

But shockingly, what people from these institutes, from nowhere, simply proclaimed that you have a LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. And they, despite of the client asking them the question on this issue, convinced the client that you are having this medical issue, and now they will start the treatment.

And the treatment consisted of the same old load of bull crap. Tons of supplements, gluten free, dairy free, and virtually everything free diet.

The client on the other hand, instead of getting any relief was under tremendous pressure and even more miserable. He has to now pay for tons of supplements which these idiots were advising, which was making a hole
in his pocket.

On the other hand, extremely restricted diet was making him more irritable, and extremely low on energy, not talking about nutritional deficiencies yet.

What was worse, there was absolutely no relief from the problem he was suffering.

When the client narrated this entire story to me, something which I have heard many times before, I advised him just 2 things:

  1. Stop all the rubbish supplements and get back to eating a normal and healthy diet, which me and my team prepared for him.

2. Please consult a specialist (gastroenterologist in this case) asap, to check the underlying cause of the issue, or what we rightly call as diagnosis.

And as I expected, the doctor properly checked the person through medical testing procedures, and simply said a statement: “You have no problem” there is no leaky gut syndrome or any serious issue. The issue seemed more with personal allergy or sensitivity to some foods, and other lifestyle related issues like sedentary lifestyle, stress and lack of sleep.

The client felt quite relieved, but also quite disgusted from the people he consulted, laying his trust on them.

Slowly with basic dietary interventions, and changes in other aspects of his life, like regular exercise, stress and sleep management, he was able to improve upon his digestion issue greatly.

Therefore, I request all the people, suffering from any medical issue, or a prolonged pain or discomfort, to please consult a qualified medical professional. You cannot diagnose or treat diseases on social media, through people who have no idea about these diseases.

This simple act of a person trying to deceive the other person, can result in a serious legal action, if the suffering person, intends & plans to do so.