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There is no doubt sugar is a major culprit today. The most common question of people is how much sugar in a day they should consume. Sugar contributes to a variety of health problems and also contributes to world obesity. There are many side effects of sugar but that’s only when you are taking it in massive amounts.

A cup full of sugar

Sugar in excess is not good for you and it is proven in studies. But a lot of people who come to me are so afraid of this fact that they think having a cup or two of tea/coffee with some sugar will make them obese overnight.

Don’t be Stupid. This is just one of the many baseless myths about foods.

Humans thrive on taste and the pleasure of eating a variety of foods and sugar is one of the primary pleasure-giving ingredients used in foods being used for centuries.

happiness is a piece of cake

Liking sweet does not turn you into a sweet addict as falsely claimed by the “no sugar” gurus. So, how much sugar in a day is okay? Sugar can form a part of your daily life without any problems provided you limit its intake and balance the total calories you consume in a day. Yes, extra daily sugar intake is associated with a number of other problems in the body but what is to be understood here is the word “extra” or “excess”.

There are roughly 16-18 calories in a teaspoon of sugar. If you put a heap full of sugar in a teaspoon you would be taking around 25-30 calories. Just taking two cups of tea or coffee a day won’t be an issue with most people especially if you are physically active.

Sugar craving is a normal thing. However, if you are having 5-6 or more cups of sugar-filled beverages and on top of that various other sources of sugary drinks like soft drinks, packaged juices, alcohol, etc. then that would be a major issue and you may be consuming over 300-500 calories in excess through these sources.

shelf full of beverages

Just to give you an example. A lot of people, while they are discussing their eating habits or diet with me, generally don’t mention the foods, which they think don’t contribute much to their overall health and calorie intake. For example, for many people having a can of cola, is normal and they don’t think it makes much of a difference. That’s where they go wrong. A can of soda-based drink may have around 9-11 teaspoons of sugar, which is enough to ruin the best of the diets. It’s like having 9-11 cups of tea or coffee; in which you add 1 teaspoon of sugar each. This is where the real problem lies. This is excess sugar and sugar in hidden form.

I have written the country’s first and the most in-depth book on sugar and the real research behind it, titled “Seduced by Sugar”. There is a major difference in real research and hypothetical overhyped claims. Demonizing sugar won’t help you. Understanding the facts will.

So, how much sugar in a day is safe is now clear. Having a piece or two of chocolate, or a teaspoon of sugar in coffee and tea may not be an issue and in fact, maybe helpful in curbing your sugar cravings. Having this much amount of sugar doesn’t label you as an addict. It’s called ‘living a life’.