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April 4, 2020
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Akshay ChopraFounder - We R Stupid
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No one is happy with themselves. Everyone wants to be like someone else. No one cares about being the best in their lives, but they are more interested in emulating others to the extent that they even get a hairstyle like their favourite celebrities. A similar craze is also about having a chiseled face like your favourite celebrity. It is one of the most common doubts that people have is how to reduce face fat.

grayscale photo of man making silly face

Now, for people reading the blog and watching the associated video for a magical overnight solution on how to reduce face fat, it is going to be a disappointment, because there isn’t any. But if you like to know the truth, then read on.

For most people, a chubby face is their worst nightmare, as it cannot be concealed behind clothes. It’s generally the first thing another person notices, and that’s where the entire problem begins. Just because you want to lose that extra fat from your face (and for that matter the entire body), you are ready to do anything you’re told to do, to lose that double chin and get that perfect jawline.

YouTube and Google are full of stupid articles and videos telling you exercises on how to reduce face fat which will instantly reduce face fat, foods, and supplements which help you get the perfect jawline like your favourite celebrity, and even many tricks and gimmicks like chewing more gum, to get your dream face.

Except for one simple fact: “They all are stupid and are simply lying.”

There is no exercise whether in yoga or in general, which will ever do anything directly to your face only. The same is the case with any diet or supplement.

Let’s understand how stupids make you more stupid:

  • Time and again, I have been harping upon the fact that there is nothing called spot reduction. When you lose fat, you do that from the entire body. There are certain areas which are genetically defined in men and women, which store more fat than others. These are called ‘problem areas’. It’s not that you don’t lose fat from these areas, but simply the effects are slower to come by, i.e. you may take more time to lose fat from these areas as compared to the other body parts. But these areas will also be affected. That’s why it takes time and effort to achieve your dream physique.
  • There is no exercise in the world or diet which makes you reduce fat from any particular area in general. Whether you are a woman, who is more concerned about the excess fat in your buttocks, thigs and arms; or you are a man with a family pack instead of six-packs and a double chin as a cherry on the top. You will always lose fat from the entire body. Anyone telling you that ‘x’ supplement or exercise will help in doing spot reduction, sorry, they are stupid.
  • Most important and above everything is your genetics. You are born with a body structure, a height, and a skeletal frame. You can’t change them, except through extreme surgical procedures, which again have a very low success ratio. Your face can be chiseled or fat depending on the amount of fat in your body, and your genes which decide whether there would be more fat on your face or not. You cannot make your face like anyone. It’s going to be best in its own self. You cannot lean a fat bulldog down and turn it into a pug. It will surely lean down, but will still remain a bulldog.
  • Stop looking at celebrities for almost anything in life. There are very few who are really worth that. Celebrities are in the business of looking good. When you look at a celebrity with a thin face and defined jawline, there are multiple factors responsible for this. Many of them are on extreme fad diets, anabolic steroids, and diuretics, to lose excess water and fat from the body temporarily, for a particular role in a movie. A bigger face looks bigger on the screen, so they have to maintain a particular look by hook or crook. You don’t want to have a face like an actor or actress. You want the face because you admire that actress and actor. If they are not in the entertainment industry, I don’t think you would ever like to copy them. Also, there is no way you can possibly get a face like them, because of point number three. You can get the best looks in your own face, you cannot replace your face. For that, take birth again and this time choose your parents.
  • Every person is out there to run their shops. A cosmetologist will ask you to get your preferred jawline through a certain type of concealing makeup. A dietician would ask you to go for a diet to get a thinner face. A trainer will ask you to take some supplements and do some face workouts. A yoga trainer will ask you to perform asanas daily to remove the double chin. But alas, they are all wrong. You need to exercise hard, eat clean and less, sleep well and take the basic steps for health to lose the extra flab from the body, which in turn will result in you losing fat from the face.
  • Recommendations like cut back on your salt, increase cardio, perform yoga for the face, cut on carbs, are nothing more than general recommendations, and most of them are complete fads. Nothing will target any area directly for fat loss, be it any body part. For men belly and face fat are generally the problem areas, and for women, these areas are hips, thighs, and arms. In some people, the areas change depending on their genes and hormones.
  • No supplements, diuretics or laxatives will do anything to your face fat directly. In fact, most of them are a way to harmful to be even used without medical intervention. No creams, gels, powders or pills do anything. Facial exercises are bogus. All these solutions of how to reduce face fat are lies. Doing four sets of heavy intense squats will give you much better results than doing hundreds of funny looking face exercises.
  • Chewing more gum does nothing to your face or jaw. Full stop. Chewing gum excessively is harmful to your temporomandibular joint. I have already made a video and written a blog on it. you can refer to it by checking the link below:

Do you want the secret on how to reduce face fat? Here it is: there is no secret. Lose fat from the entire body and your face will be affected with it. You cannot separate any part and make it leaner. Your body works as a whole, not in parts.

woman wearing red long-sleeved top touching her cheek

Trust me, people become so mindless and senseless, that if you tell them there is something called as a ‘slap therapy’ wherein they need to slap themselves, in isolation, in a closed room, at 2330hrs, every night, for 20days and they would lose the face fat instantly and look like their favourite celebrity; you would be seeing many actually doing it. The only clause: “harder you slap, more fat you lose”.

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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