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Things You Should Know About Hydrotherapy

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May 6, 2022
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Kokila KalraNaturopath
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Human body is made of water. Water is the fourth element amongst the five elements that make our body. Water is a medicine for the proper functioning of body parts, especially the vital organs. The benefits of having water are innumerable, and the lack of optimum water leads to many a issues in ones body.


Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is a complementary therapy that uses water for health purposes. Hydrotherapy (Aquatherapy) is any activity performed in water to assist in rehabilitation and recovery from eg. hard training or serious injury. It is a form of exercise in warm water and is a popular treatment for patients with neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Hydrotherapy is a natural process, and can be followed by one and all even on a regular basis. For consumption of water early in the morning, on an empty stomach, it should preferably be stored in a copper vessel/bottle and should be taken during early morning empty stomach. Hydrotherapy eliminates the harmful chemicals through urine and regulates the body temperature.

Various types of BATHS AND PROCEDURES used in Hydrotherapy for many a disease are:

daily bath


Early morning bath in normal water is very important as it increases the stamina and blood circulation of the individual. Daily bath increases the vigor and vitality of a person. And is also the way for maintaining cleanliness and personal hygiene. While bathing, chanting the name of God and offering water to sun increases the self-confidence and makes a person grounded and down to Earth.


A dry friction bath is very helpful in overall blood circulation of the body. Hands, foot, and whole body is rubbed with a rough towel, sponge or brush. The body is rubbed from head to toe face, armpits chest,belly and back and then move towards legs ,hips ,toe nails .

A dry friction bath enables blood vessels near skin expands body pores, which are opened up and foreign matter is expelled with sweat. This therapy causes a kind electric current to pass through body and aura of the body becomes stronger. This bath if taken under sun helps in improving vitamin D deficiency of the body.


In this bath the palms of the hand and then the body is rubbed to drop the dirt deposited on the skin from various parts of the body.  Every body part is rubbed and dried with water. Before cold friction bath oil massage specially of mustard oil should be taken.

This bath increases hunger, strength, life span and vitality.  It eliminates skin diseases, stiffness, sweat,lethargy, and thirst burning sensation.  At the same time, it purifies blood and cleans all sense organs and strengthens the nervous system and improves the blood circulation.


Though this is not much of a possibility in the urban areas, yet swimming in a river is the best exercise for improving the vitality of the body. Nature is the best healer pure water is full of minerals that is best for the skin and rejuvenate the spirit.


Sea bath is taken by plugging the ears by ear plugs or cotton. Sea bath helps in treatment for gout,arthritis, and frozen body parts.


This bath can be taken in spring water. There are many Sulphur springs in India, Sona, Dam Dehradun,Rajgiri . This water washes away the impurities and skin diseases and helps in improving the swelling in joints and stiff muscles.


This is an excellent technique for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, urinary tract infections.In this bath a big tub is filled with fresh sweet water and patient lies in without any clothes for two hours and whole body except head is submerged in water. This is a very popular bath, and has been introduced in various SPAS, and many naturopathy centers.


This bath is given to people who are weak and fragile.  A towel is dipped in water and wringed and body is rubbed swiftly.  This bath is beneficial to those who are recovering from fever and have low hb.


This beneficial bath was invented by Louis Kunhe. This bath is specially designed to remove foreign matter from intestines and kidneys. It cleans the stomach and increases blood circulation in liver, spleen and intestines.

In this bath a specific tub is used with a reclining back. A patient sits with his legs outside the tub . After sitting in the tub full of water only thighs and body upto the navel under water.  This bath is taken without any clothes. In this bath a small rough towel is kept in right hand and the belly below navel is rubbed by it from right to left. This bath has a magical effect on the digestive system and it removes constipation, headaches and gas.  It also heals piles pain and disturbed menstrual cycle of women.This bath can be taken in hot water too. Bath with hot water is called hot hip bath.


This bath was invented by Louis Kunhe specifically for the treatment of female reproductive diseases. A big tub is used and a stool is kept. Water is filled in tub. The patient sits naked on the stool with legs outside the tub. The lady patient then takes a cloth and dips in water and outer portions of reproductive organ is washed. Later on, the body is rubbed with towel.


This bath is taken with towel dipped in cold water and then wringing it. Wet towel is rubbed behind the naked back on the spinal column for 5 to 15 minutes.

This bath can be taken in a huge tub which has water for about 3 inches deep. Spinal column is immersed in water. The spinal bath increases blood circulation and insomnia.This bath can be taken in hot water and is called hot spinal bath.


Many body ailments are removed by wet bandage.  Wet bandage is of two types- hot wet bandage and cold wet bandage. Wet sheets are used when entire body is to be covered by wet bandage.

Cold wet bandage is used in case of stiffness swelling, burns  boils .cold bandage is kept on the affected area and removed after half an hour . When wet bandage is covered by flannel or woolen cloth it becomes a hot wet bandage. Hot wet bandage is very useful in case of chronic diseases and very high fever.

Hot and cold fomentation

Hot and cold fomentation alternatively on the abdomen helps in curing uterus and menstrual problems,stomach diseases.In any body part wet bandage is very beneficial.

Naturopathy is a way of life, and can cure even the most incurable of diseases.The process is slow, but very powerful, and one has to have a strong belief in it. We tend to take allopatheic medicines, and the intolerance to discomfort or pain makes us grab that tablet for immediate relief. While the true principle of Naturopathy, and DISEAES is the elimination of impurities from the body.

Last, but not the least water is an”AMRIT” that is available free of cost but at the same time life doesn’t exist without water.

Kokila Kalra

Kokila Kalra is a qualified naturopath, and gives natural remedies for various ailments. She writes regularly on health, positivity and self care through naturopathy.

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