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I have a constant engagement on my channel from thousands of viewers, who ask me tons of questions every day. These questions can range from smallest of the issues to serious sports or medical issues. I try to answer all the queries to the best of my ability.

This is specifically for those viewers who ask me questions which I simply cannot answer. But what’s worse is that there are stupid youtubers who are fooling people by making videos on such subjects. You think that someone else may be able to make a better video on that topic But the truth is that on these topics, an individual video just cannot be made, and there are some strong reasons behind it:

Question 1: Sir, Fat Loss pe video banaiye (Sir, please make a video on fat loss)

Answer: Fat loss is a not a topic, it’s an entire concept. It’s so large and deep that one can write volumes of books on it and still remain confused. Therefore, I cannot make a video on fat loss as a topic. I don’t know how people make videos on fat loss. In ideal case, no one can. So, I will be covering a lot of aspects of your workouts, nutrition, supplementation, sleep, and lifestyle issues, all of which have a direct or indirect relation to fat loss. No one thing leads to fat loss.

Question 2: Sir, weight loss or weight gain diet bataiye (Sir, please give a diet for weight loss or weight gain)

Answer: diet for whom? Designing a diet is an individual topic. I cannot design a common diet for everyone. Such a diet doesn’t exist. I know there are some stupid youtubers who make videos on weight loss diet, or diet for six packs, diet for height, and a lot of crap. But the moment you such videos, think logically, how can someone make a common diet for everyone. There are various factors behind designing a diet. A person’s culture and tradition, allergies and sensitivities, taste patterns and liking, personal lifestyle, nutritional requirements, specific cases like sportsmen, medical cases etc. all are taken into consideration before I can design a diet. Now think, can anyone make a video on topics like ‘weight loss diet’, ‘bulking diet’ etc.?

Question 3: injury rehab & muscle imbalance par videos banaiye (Make video on injury rehab & muscle imbalance)

Answer: again like the above questions, the counter question to my viewers is injury rehab of what. I will be covering all these topics. But it will take a lot of time, as tremendous studies are required to make even a small video. Muscle imbalances just like injury issues, is an individual case and has to be dissected that way. Though I will be covering muscle imbalances in general, but I will take some time.

So, these are some of the topics, on which a single video cannot be made, as there is way too much information involved to be covered in a single video.