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April 25, 2020
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Akshay ChopraFounder - We R Stupid
indian fitness

For some years now, this industry has taken two distinct paths, one towards the true research and in-depth theoretical knowledge with loads of hard practical experience, and the other path is that of false marketing, overhyped concepts & uneducated and inexperienced professionals. Indian fitness is one of them.

The major issue is that the latter path always seems more glamorous and easy. Isn’t this true for every other field in the world. Everywhere, you have a very small pool of people, for whom their field of choice is not just their profession and not even passion. For them, it’s their life. They take their field of choice not just as a means to earn their living, but to grow physically, psychologically, and spiritually. For them, there is no concept of work-life balance because they never work. For them, a holiday is like a hectic break from their work, because their work is more like meditation to them. Every morning they wake up, with a purpose in life, something to look up to. They have something not just to live by, but something to die for.

But such people are very few. Not more than 1-3% of the total lot. Then there are the ones who are the exact opposite of these. These are the ones for whom, words like passion, love, sacrifice, discipline, dedication, etc. are alien terms. They enter a field of profession primarily from one thought, to earn money, for which they are ready to do anything. Lie, cheat, ridicule, suppress, and even kill. And the worst part is that these people are everywhere, in plenty.

indian fitness

What you need to search for is the bitter truth, not the sweeter lie. In the defence forces, we called it ‘choosing the harder truth over the easier wrong’. Search for those professionals who are living their dream through their profession. They will give you the unbiased truth behind your questions. The difficult part is to search for such people, and once you have found such people, stick to them.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have personally witnessed the transition in the Indian fitness and nutrition industry. Though the rise did lead to a tremendous amount of awareness in this field, just because it’s a rising industry, everyone wants to be a part of it, many of whom never actually want to be, but get pulled in looking at the rising demand and the money involved. Just because of this, once a high niche and specialized field of sports and fitness have become a run of the mill industry.

The reason I am writing so many ebooks and articles, supported by videos, is because my aim is to serve the very industry in love in the best way possible and I find that this is one way I can contribute to its growth in the truest manner. My aim has been to re-build that trust which the people have lost in this Indian fitness industry.

We R Stupid is the only channel in the country where every single video will be supported by a fully researched article or an ebook. No bluff, no lies, just straight on the face facts.

I have written more ebooks than anyone in the country, and I have no plans to stop. So, join me in my quest for the truth…

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