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Yes, that’s the figure for gyms salary offered to one of the internationally certified trainers, by a gym in Delhi.

Sounds shocking? There is more.

I have been in the field of sports & fitness for over two decades now. I have seen many ups and downs in the market trends when it comes to these fields.

A lot of coaches ask me for counselling and guidance for making a career in the fitness industry. But it is so disheartening to see the condition of the industry and how the people in this industry are treated.

Fitness is an excellent career opportunity and one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. But the unfortunate fact is that just by the virtue of its growth prospectus, everyone wants a pie of this sector, by hook or crook.

Gyms are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country. Every coach or trainer dreams of having a gym of his own someday. This is a big motivating factor and a very good way to progress in the career. Most coaches after working in the fitness industry, and understanding the nuances of the trade, general partner with an investor or a friend, who is generally not from the industry, but understands the business model and growth prospect of the industry; and opens his own fitness center or gym.

Till here there are no issues. But the issue comes when from both ends the intent is wrong. This happens when the so-called trainer, has hardly any knowledge or experience in the fitness field, but due to his false and inflated ego, he thinks himself to be a superior coach, capable of attracting clients, just by his aura. On the other hand, the businessman he partners with generally is the one who is purely in for-profits, and the worst part is, at any cost.

When this deadly partnership happens, then disaster strikes. They are least concerned about the wellbeing of the clients or the trainers they hire. Clients for them are just a walking ATM, from whom, money can be extracted anytime, anywhere. The only thing you need to do is, fool them. On the other hand, trainers for them actually don’t even exist. They are not interested in the trainer’s education, qualification, experience, etc. The only thing that matters to them is that these trainers should be smart in fooling the clients and earn some quick buck from them.

In an innumerable number of cases, I have seen very good trainers, who go for a job interview to any of the gyms, come back rejected. When I ask them why the answers are usually the same. Whenever these coaches visit a gym for an interview, the person taking the interview has actually no idea, even what to ask. They throw the biodata which the trainer gives them, to one side, and asks them such stupid questions, that the trainer feels insulted to even stand in front of such people.

The person taking the interview generally has no idea about fitness, and the only thing they are interested in is, how this trainer will fool the clients and extract money from them. The trainer’s educational qualification, fitness education, training experience, knowledge, training pattern, etc. are not even asked.

Thereafter, the trainer is asked to join from the very next day, or as soon as he can. But, then comes the cherry on the cake. The gyms salary. For a working shift of over 8hrs, wherein a lot of gyms even sitting is not allowed on the floor, with no travelling allowance or food, the salary offered is 6-8k/month.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s 6-8k/month gyms salary, only including travel allowance, food, etc. This by the way is lower than the daily wage charges of casual labor. This is the condition of the majority of the fitness industry today. That’s the reason, a lot of helpers from my gym, who were mostly uneducated, forget about being qualified as a coach, to my shock, became coaches in the nearby gyms, when they left my gym.

Now, think of it this way. Whenever you fall sick, you go to the best of the doctor for treatment. The reason, you know that he is qualified to put a Dr. behind his name, and will guide you in the right direction. But it’s not very often that we fall sick.

Now, imagine giving your health, daily in the hands of a person who is not even a school pass-out. Worse, you are asking him for diet and nutrition guidance, supplementation knowledge and even about anabolic steroids. Then you ask, why I am not getting results, or shout that I have been misguided.

On one hand are these uneducated trainers, who are ruining the industry. But on the other hand, are the coaches who are working day and night to update themselves through multiple courses and certifications, so that they are answerable to their clients and can guide their clients towards a better future.

Money is the biggest motivating factor for an employee. Then comes everything else like respect, dignity, working environment, etc. You can never expect to employ high-quality personnel, at the gyms salary lower than a daily wager’s salary. In fact, offering them this kind of gyms salary is a big insult to them and their profession.

Shame on the gyms, who don’t even consider their coaches as humans. Who doesn’t even have an idea, why they have opened a gym. You want to pay such a petty amount to your trainers, and you want them to work for you. They will, but then they will do all those malpractices which are rampant in the gyms today. Taking underhand money for training, stealing money from the employees, selling crappy supplements and pushing anabolic steroids to almost everyone they meet.

Now, imagine someone travelling from one area of the city to another, in search of a job, and getting an offer, which looks more insulting than accepting. A trainer who spent thousands of rupees to get internationally certified and gained experience in a good place, under good coaches, being offered 6k/month as a salary. He feels literally crushed from inside and starts doubting the very profession he once loved. And, this is not his fault. It’s the fault of those crooks and dumb people who have entered this profession.

And, you want that trainer to work? He will never have the motivation to work and will always be focused on either leaving the gym for a better prospect or cheating the clients to somehow extract money from them.

A person with self-worth and respect will always treat the other person with the same respect and dignity. I request all the coaches to not downgrade your self-worth when you encounter such people. You will never ever learn anything in such gyms, under such employers. They are parasites, who will suck the blood out of your life and then throw you away when they don’t need your services.