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Well, this is one statement which can easily justify all the stupidity in fitness. It’s often used as a self-convincing statement by many, who cannot justify their lies, or are not ready to accept that they are wrong.

Mujhe To Farak Padha Hai’ is one of the best lines to hide your ignorance, and show the world, that you are right, even if you are wrong.

I often hear this line from people, when they get exposed or are proven wrong. For e.g. I have exposed a lot of fitness & nutrition scams and tons of useless supplements, on my channel, based on scientific research, evidence and common-sense logic. But when someone who has been promoting (or selling) such crap for long, is suddenly exposed, then there are only two ways to go about it, i.e. either they accept that they were wrong, and do the correction, like many great people do. Or, they try to find ways to give honey-coated stupid reasons to justify their falsehood.

But, what is wrong is wrong. You cannot hide wrong for long. Snake oil salesmen, or thugs are everywhere, and have existed since time immemorial. Now, they have internet as a much stronger platform to fool people. Sometimes the intention is not to deliberately fool anyone, but if you are being followed by a set number of people in the public, then it’s your moral responsibility to provide right information with scientific and logical evidence. If you are not doing it, then either you are ignorant, or you don’t care about the people. In the latter case, it then boils down to ethics and morals.

Coming back to the expose. When I exposed many so called fitness influencers, the only answer I could get from them was ‘mujhe to farak padha hai’. So, let’s bust even this fallacy of theirs.

Let’s take an example: CLA, L-Carnitine, Garcinia, chromium, green coffee bean, and a host of the other supplements are being sold under the umbrella of fat burners. Fortunately, research is quite clear on them, and none of them have shown any benefit, under any circumstances to give you any kind of fat loss effect. Even if the effect is seen minutely in any of the research, the effect is quite minimal as compared to the money you have to spend.

Sometime back, a lot of subscribers of mine, challenged various fitness influencers, to stop promoting all these supplements, which they have been wrongly doing, either out of ignorance or for pure profits. But, not one person was ready to accept the challenge or reply back. On the other hand, some who did, because they had no answer, simply replied ‘mujhe to farak padha hai’.

That’s the most idiotic thing one can say. Why, because either you prove something on the basis of science or logic, or at least give some form evidence, but in no case you can say that ‘X’ product works, because you feel so. Feelings don’t matter in science. Feelings fall under the category of placebo effect, or in simplest of the terms, psychological effect. This way, anything can be justified in the world, and there wouldn’t ever be a question of right or wrong.

For e.g. can you use drugs like cocaine & heroin, and say that you should be allowed to use it, because you feel it’s justified? Similarly, though many such things in health & fitness are not that strictly regulated, but when there is clear proof, how can you falsify the proof, by giving your feelings as the supportive evidence.

Now, let’s put the ball in your court. Let’s accept, that yes you felt a difference, and ‘aapko farak padha hai’. Great, I accept that. But, can you prove me ‘kaise farak padha hai’, or ‘how do you know you felt a difference? For e.g. if CLA doesn’t work for fat burn, as a supplement, and you say ‘mujhe to farak padha hai’, the question is, can you show me how much difference you got? Can you quantify the difference? If you had fat burn, can you tell me how much fat you burned by the use of CLA?

The answer is, no one can. Until & Unless, you are in a strict lab setting, you simply cannot tell how much difference the product has made to you. For e.g. if you are working out hard, cleaned your diet, eating lesser quantity of food, improved you sleeping patterns etc., then how do you know the fat burn you experienced was due to all the hard work you did, by following the right lifestyle practices, or was it by taking a fat burning supplement.

That’s how the scientists and researchers test something. Multiple studies, both short and long term, human and animal, and even placebo controlled, are performed to assess what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t then it is because of the multiple research studies, and if it works, then also it’s because of multiple research studies. If someone is not convinced and not ready to accept, then to prove his point, he has to give a counter scientific research or evidence. If he/she can’t, then he/she in most cases, is bluffing.

That’s what the problem is today. Many fitness influencers and other people are not ready to accept that they are wrong, and because of their inflated egos, try to hide their stupidity and ignorance behind such foolish statements.

An even more grave issue is that, because these idiots are not ready to accept their mistake, the people working hard towards their goal, think that whatever results they are achieved is because of the supplement they are eating, and their sacrifice and hard work is not that important. They give credit to these useless supplements and practices, and as a result, indirectly promote these stupid concepts.

So, my request to everyone out there is, that in fitness & nutrition, there is clear evidence and science based logic, behind almost everything. If there is none, then it is nothing more than a scam.