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As Naturaltein entered the Indian market, it literally raised a lot of eyebrows, as no company ever had given so much transparency and high standards in terms of dietary supplements in India before.


When I made a video on Naturaltein, a lot of queries came up, which I, along with the company representatives, made sure were solved to the very core.

People loved the quality of the product, as I not just told them, but proved them, how till date in history of this country, no protein of this high quality, standards and testing, has ever been offered to the people. 

Well after acquiring all the top certifications and undergoing the most rigorous testing procedures in the world, Naturaltein came out to be one of the purest brands in the World, which is being used by not just sportsmen or gym freaks, but the entire family, which includes children, women, elderly, and even being prescribed by lot of doctors to their patients.

I also said in the video and in many of my live sessions that, I would make this brand so transparent, that the customer will have nothing left to chance or guess work, and no other brand would be able to compete with it when it would come to choosing the finest for yourself or your family.

However, of the many queries, which have been solved, one single query remained, and that was about price. The reason is the lack of understanding of the highest quality products and cheap products being sold in bulk and with big discounts and margins.

purest protein

Lot of youngsters, started comparing Naturaltein with cheap quality proteins, simply on the basis of price. Notwithstanding the fact that, it is actually similar to or cheaper than most international brands presently available in India.

But the most glaring and shocking fact has never been revealed in front of Indians by the international protein companies. This is because no one ever questioned about such things before.

Indian protein consumer was made to simply get involved in small and meagre facts about protein quality like amino spiking, protein per serving, and some basic certifications which were quite simple to obtain by virtually every protein brand.

No one ever before, until Naturaltein came in India, asked about

  • Highest banned substance testing certifications like Cologne List,
  • hormone and antibiotic milk from free range cows
  • testings like glyphosate residue free,
  • difference between natural and artificial flavorings
  • all this along with heavy metal testing, 3rd party testing, FSSAI certifications and many more…

All of which made sure that whey proteins are excellent for not just sportsmen or gym freaks but the entire family.

cologne test certified

That’s why the Natural & organic proteins of most international brands have never even come to India. That’s why Naturaltein became the first of its kind protein in India offering you such high-quality protein.

However, the entire price comparison by people in India is actually null & void when it comes to Naturaltein and other international brands in India, because the actual proteins to be compared have never even entered the Indian market.

But why these International brands which have been in India for so long, never bothered to bring their purest proteins to Indian market? The reason is just one and quite straight forward; it’s the COST.

The highest quality proteins with all-natural ingredients don’t come cheap. And in India the demand is purely on the basis of cost, when it comes to the masses.

Why they want to enter Indian market is simply because the market is Huge. They can sell their cheap proteins by the volume.

Now, I will show you how the top international brands like ON, My Protein, Dymatize, & Isopure, never get their natural and highest quality whey proteins in India. In fact, most people aren’t even aware of these products, from the same companies who have been selling their proteins in India for so long.

  1. The first brand is ON which has its Naturally flavored and naturally sweetened whey protein (without artificial ingredients), tested for banned substance and growth hormone free, only available in US .

The average price of this product on the ON website or other supplement websites is app. $60 for a 4.8lb box, which is equal to app. 4400 Indian rupees.

However, this is the price in US. If it is shipped to India the cost would be totally out of reach for virtually everyone.

  • Next is Dymatize ISO 100 Clear Whey – Natural flavor and sweetened with stevia, with no artificial ingredients. The protein content is 20g per scoop.

I could find the product available on just one website , and the price of which is unheard of for any protein I know. It is costing app. 3750, for 500gm.

The only website in India selling this product is giving it at app. 12,000 Indian rupees for a meagre 400gm box

  • My Protein Clear Whey, which uses whey protein hydrolysate, with natural flavors, but used preservatives like citric acid, phosphoric acid, emulsifiers like monosodium phosphate and sucralose as sweetener.

This product is available in India, but it is available at very high price of app. 3250 for 500gms. Though I don’t consider it natural in any way.

Most of these products will never come to India as such. Even if they come they are still not close to Naturaltein in terms of quality standards and purity.

Naturaltein, on the other hand, is selling its Concentrate for app. 2300 per Kg , and its Isolate for app. 2900 per kg.

You still want a price comparison? Now, let me shock you with the price comparison of what you have in India.

What does this comparison mean?

  1. The natural proteins by most international brands are not sold in India, and even if by some source they are, then prices are virtually impossible to afford.

  1. The price of Naturaltein, when compared to proteins by international brands sold in India, is still cheaper, or similar.

whey protein isolate

My question to all of you and everyone who has been consuming proteins is that why haven’t any brand before Naturaltein tried to bring the highest quality whey protein in India?

Because they don’t care. For most companies its profit before health.

What’s worse? We have never even demanded for such high quality, of course because we were unaware and also because for most people it doesn’t matter.

That’s the biggest problem in India when it comes to quality products. We want cheap irrespective of quality. And companies are ready with what you demand. You want cheap, they will give you cheap. You ask for the finest and purest, at reasonable prices, they will be forced to get it.

I’ll give you an example. Couple of decades back there were few car companies in India. The only thing that mattered to most Indians was cheap and more mileage. Exactly like proteins, cheap and more quantity.

But as the demand increased and many top international brands came to India, they started offering features and qualities which actually matter. Like safety, latest electronics, quality interiors, maintenance, and all this along with decent mileage.

This was the time; the Indian automobile brands woke up to the shock that none of their gimmicks will work anymore. So, they had to catch up with the competition.

Cars are available in all price segments today. It depends on the customer which brand and price he wants to go for. But imagine comparing Maruti Swift with BMW or Mercedes. That’s what people are doing when they compare Naturaltein with other cheap protein brands.

As of now, Naturaltein cannot be compared to any brand when it comes to quality and purity. The ones it can be compared to, are not there in India. 

Naturaltein is actually giving you a Porsche, at the price of Honda City or I20. But if you ask the company to give it in the price of Swift or Alto, then it simply can’t be done.

No protein brand can actually afford to sell such high-quality product at the prices Naturaltein is selling in India. That’s why Naturaltein is the leader in its category and there is no product as of now in India to match its quality and purity standards.

naturaltein vs other protein