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Naturopathy- A Way Of Life

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April 20, 2022
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Kokila KalraNaturopath
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The most wonderful creation of God is human body. The human body is like a machine. The regular functioning requires a regular working and care like a machine does. A healthy person is an asset to himself, to his family and to the society.

Each and every body part has a specific function. If any part gets defected then human body does not function properly. A human body contains 66 percent of water. Water enables to stay cool and calm and eradicate toxins from the body. In the same way one can survive without water and food for few days but cannot live without air. Those who prefer to stay indoors slowly and steadily suffer from depression and diseases. More a man will be close to nature more he would be in a great shape.

NATURE has five elements

  • AIR (VAYU)
5 elements of nature

Nature itself is a healer. A healthy life means a strong connect with NATURE. Yes, it definitely requires discipline, commitment and includes healthy habits. Basic things like having water regularly, eating healthy meals, avoiding too much of fried and maida, having good salad, and vegetables with balanced meals, and a balance of exercise, all comprise of a healthy lifestyle. Nature Cure tells us how to be hale and hearty in a natural way because according to naturopathy, the real cause of diseases are the toxins already present in our body. The germs are not the cause of diseases but the toxins accumulated inside the body that weaken our digestive system is the real cause of diseases.

The DIGITAL LIFE has changed the world, and has also changed the life and health of people. Nowadays people work long hours, focus their eyes on either laptops or mobiles and as a result rarely go out to park and gardens. Their exposure to nature and sunlight is miniscule, but slowly they realize that they are inviting life style diseases and their immune system gets weaker each day.

sedentary lifestyle

The food habits have also undergone a huge change, and their reliability on FAST FOOD and PROCESSED/PACKET FOOD has phenomenally increased. This has a very negative impact on the general health, and it may not be visible immediately but the high levels of preservatives, sodium and other salts have a negative effect on the organs. To combat this, the increase of pain killers and other medicines has further deteriorated the health of people. This often causes constipation and that is because that foreign matter doesn’t get removed and affects severely the internal digestive system and other vital organs are also severely affected.

As per naturopathy, eating proper satvik food is essential but at the same time exercising, exposure to nature and sunlight, yoga, is essential. The nature healing processes like: steam bath, sunbath, mud bath is equally important as it helps to eradicate the toxins stored inside the body.

One marketing gimmick that these fast food companies use, is that and the fast food centers have slashed down their rates and give offers that are lucrative and lure the young and adolescents to get addicted and reorder so that they indulge in eating more often, and also have aerated drinks and alcohol consumption. This is the reason for rise of so many diseases amongst adolescents and their suffering from arthritis, juvenile diabetes ,weak eye sight ,thyroid at a very young age. A further addiction to their phones and screen time has worsened the situation.

fast food addiction

The diseases are caused by germs, and they are caused by the accumulation of foreign matter and drinking less water and not doing exercise. It is a saying that “Gem cannot be polished without friction”,and it is a work of art and requires perfection, similarly body cannot be healthy unless and until one does not take proper exercise, walk ,balanced diet and work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay close to nature .

Germs are truly not the cause of diseases. No doubt germs that are existing in all over the world are entering our body but at the same time they will be converted into healthy tissues of our body that make up our body. The weaker the immune system will be, the more they will impact and damage the organs and health. The bodies which have nutritious matter which are free from foreign matter, which are really healthy they cannot be attacked by germs therefore toxins multiply the germs.

As per naturopathy, the body has a way of cleansing and detoxifying itself. Vomiting and Loose motions(Diarrehea), in particular is worrisome for people, and they try to immediately suppress it with allopathic medication. While, it is the way of the body to get cleansed of the foreign matter that was either undigested or harmful for you. It is a way of expulsion of the accumulated foreign matter. Foreign matter is expelled every day from the vital organs such as lungs, skin, intestines ,kidneys. Nature wants to cleanse the digestive system which is full with foreign matter in the form of loose motions / vomiting.

enjoying nature

Paying attention to ones breathing and following the principles of naturopathy can be a way to good health. As per naturopathy, acute disease is actually a boon rather than a bane!

Kokila Kalra

Kokila Kalra is a qualified naturopath, and gives natural remedies for various ailments. She writes regularly on health, positivity and self care through naturopathy.

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