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Parenting And Counseling For CWSN

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April 22, 2022
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Parenting is never easy and is a never-ending job. It becomes all the more demanding when, when it comes to parenting a child with special needs. https://cms.werstupid.com/5-reasons-indians-are-against-the-use-of-protein-supplements/Every parent is different and each individual is blessed with parenting skills that are beautiful and make them compassionate. Similarly, every child is different and some of them have different and special sets of abilities, needs, and requirements. The birth of a child is the most precious moment in a family. All parents have happiness and feel blessed to have a baby. Many parents also have certain expectations, plans and desires for their children,that are often the unfulfilled desires/wishes of their own life. However, this takes a jolt when the parents discover that the child is specially abled and as per the normalcy of humans, he is not normal.

The utter denial and acceptance for the parent is the toughest part, and many are unable to do it throughout their lives. Their expectations, dreams get slaughtered, and for them, the world gets crashed. Most of the parents are unhappy, and are not ready to accept reality. They have endless emotions of anxiety, self-pity, frustration, and hopelessness. Their child is the source of depression,and more of a burden in their life. Naturally, they are not mentally prepared to accept the challenges that come with it, but it’s the non-acceptance that is most painful.

Parents of a child with special needs often have one question to ask” why me”? They take it as a curse, and sometimes they feel that it’s just impossible to raise a child with special needs, and often live in sadness carrying this burden whole of their lives.

There are many issues when the child is to be admitted to a school for education. Initially, the parents think they are pressured by the doctor or the school teacher to label their child. Parents feel in a no-win situation. Parents feel so frustrated when they know that they can’t keep doing what they have been doing anymore.

A few such parents also create a social isolation and many a times suffer from an inferiority complex,and they isolate their child. They become asocial, and feel ashamed and don’t want to introduce their child to society.

It is hard to be a parent of CWSN but believe that it is a blessing. God has blessed you with immense love and the power, and you have been chosen to bring love to that soul, to accept the challenges.Many parents come at a stage of acceptance where they get cognitively ready for the changes and challenges.

CWSN blessing

Acceptance is the stage where you overcome denial, anger, and finally bargaining. At this point, the parents start identifying and recognizing the child’s special needs. There are many things when it comes to parenting skills. If provided the right support and intervention, the CWSN can succeed in life. Parents can help their child achieve success by encouraging the child’s strengths and identifying his weaknesses. They may need added accommodations and adjustments in the schools or public places. Both educational and emotional support is required for a child with special needs.


  • As parenting starts with Acceptance, accept your child as he or she is. They need your love and support.
  • Communicate with them. Give them some time. Your words can give them positivity. Positivity can change the way a child looks at his life.
  • Listen to them and try to understand their needs. Sometimes they just don’t say a word but show only emotions (non-verbal communication). Try to understand their emotions.
  • Show them love and affection.
  • Praise their efforts.
  • Develop self-care routines.


  • Don’t use his disability or difficulty as his identity. It changes the child’s perception, and he feels as if he is different and not like his peers or other friends.
  • Don’t scold, punish or reprimand for minor misbehaviors. Try to ignore the unwanted tantrums made by the child out of frustration.
  • Don’t give multiple instructions to them. Children with special needs, find it very tough to follow.
  • Don’t expect them to perform up to the mark. They are learning at their Pace. Give the freedom to explore.
  • Don’t avoid them. Some children have sensory issues or perception impairment while others can have physical disabilities or social skills deficits.
  • One thing is common in them and that is the feeling of being unwanted. Make them feel wanted and loved.
  • Treating them just like normal children and trusting their abilities boosts their confidence.

The best part is that the parents can find a balance. Parental Counseling has great significance. It helps to improve your mood, helps you to accept reality, and gives you the strength to deal with the challenges. Parents should understand the education system of their children. They should also be aware of the relaxation given by the government for CWSN. Parents should work with professionals to learn about the strategies for dealing with children.

parental counseling

Acceptance, and not worrying about the future, is the key. That makes us anxious. Just think about the present. Keep trying and putting in your efforts as you can’t predict or control the future.Emotional counseling healing sessions can also make you feel positive towards life as emotional unrest can have adverse health effects.

Accept this as a blessing and not a curse, and that perspective shall change the way of your life. You will raise a wonderful child who will turn into a wonderful individual with strong skills.

Ritu Marwah

Ritu Marwah is a qualified Special Educator, with a master degree in Psychology, and B.Ed in Special Education. A gold medalist, with excellent achievements in her field of study. She has been working with reputed organisations is a practicing counsellor for parents of CWSN. With an enriching practical experience of over 4 years of working with CWSN, Ms Ritu has been counselling parents to develop an approachable and empathic attitude towards children. With excellent knowledge of different therapeutic methods, conducting psychological assessments and testing for diagnostic purposes, she has been developing an individualized treatment plans and educating family members on how to deal with CWSN. She provides counselling for children, families, and adults, developed methods, approaches, or procedures to meet program requirements and individual needs.

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