Pure 07 Vs All Others

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Not everyone needs a Pre-workout supplement. And I still stand by this statement of mine. But millions of people across the globe use a pre-workout supplement for various reasons, which I have already covered in my complete video series and the range of eBooks I wrote on the topic of pre-workout supplements, their complete research and the ingredients used in them.

It took me a long time to design a near perfect pre-workout, which fulfills the demand of every supplement user, and solve every query on the basis of pure scientific research.

As a result, we launched PURE 07, the purest most tested, and transparent pre-workout in India.

The launch of PURE 07 was amazing, with hundreds of boxes being sold, in a matter of days, just in pre-launch. People loved it, and the amazing reviews motivate us to work on more such science-based supplements in the near future.

PURE 07 helped us solve the following queries, which people were either unaware about, or no person or company wanted to answer them:

  • Why are you adding tons of useless ingredients in your pre-workout, which have already proven not to work in enhancing sports performance?
  • Every ingredient which works, needs to be added in a particular quantity for it be effective. Why does your pre-workout supplement, having such low doses of these ingredients, and added just for name sake?
  • Caffeine is the basic stimulant in a pre-workout supplement, and the cheapest one for that matter. There is a particular amount of caffeine which would be fine for an individual. Why are you adding, insanely high amount of caffeine in a single dose of your pre-workout supplements? Sometimes as high as 400mg and more in a single dose.
  • Any supplement, which includes a pre-workout, should be at its purest form. Why does your pre-workout contain every possible additive, preservative, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors & flavors etc.?
  • The first advice in buying any supplement is to never buy the one with blends or patent pending ingredients in its list. Every ingredient has to be added in the right quantity, in the best possible quality. Then why are you still selling your pre-workouts with blends which tell you nothing about how much ingredient is added in the supplement?
  • A new scam of pre-workout supplements has started. Lot of supplement companies instead of being more transparent and producing clean research-based pre-workouts, are producing multiple type of pre-workouts with fancy names and adding more useless ingredients, for e.g. fat burning pre-workout. Why?
  • Most importantly, pre-workout supplements are very commonly used by athletes. Does your pre-workout supplement have any testing from Informed Sports, NSF, Cologne list, or BSCG to ensure that’s it’s free of banned substances?