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Style Your “Smile” Along With Fit Body

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May 25, 2022
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Dr. Ojasvi Nijhawan KundraM.D.S PROSTHODONTICS
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Smile designing is a dental procedure, which helps to create a beautiful natural-looking smile. It can do wonders by enhancing your dental appearance regardless of the original condition of the natural teeth.

SMILE can change your day, and in today’s time, your face and maybe your life too. With the change in times there is much focus on AESTHETICS, and people are keen to make a change that enhances their looks. The reason primarily (if not a medical reason), is that it boosts their confidence, and they feel good about themselves. People are conscious of their face and smile, and as they take care of their skin, similarly, they are concerned about the appearance of their teeth too.


In the cases where there have been mishaps like an accident or an injury, the medical need is there to fix the teeth. Other than this, the reasons that this has become an increasingly popular are many. From weddings, to travel, to professional reasons, where one feels that the enhanced SMILE can do wonders for their life, this procedure has only gained popularity in the recent times.


In the times where we are dominating the talks about a feel good factor in life, and finding your happiness, an internal confidence can make a huge change in ones life and it impacts all aspects of life of people. When one feels more confident about oneself, their perspective towards life changes, and they perform better in all spheres. Thanks to technology, these procedures have been introduced, and people are now taking these steps for themselves.

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The age group that is commonly keen to get this done are late 20’s, and early 40’s. People specifically get these done for the purpose of marriage, as they wish to look their best and have a new life starting for themselves. The other age group is the early 40’s where the purpose is both personal and professional.




This procedure lightens teeth that have been stained or discoloured by food, drugs, age related or as a result of injury.

The dentist can apply bleaching agent to teeth over the course of several appointments or can fabricate a bleaching tray on which bleaching agent is applied by the patient himself and worn for a few hours every night at home. This process helps the teeth get a whiter appearance.


These are tooth-coloured restorations widely used for aesthetic dental restorations of the anterior and posterior teeth, diastema closure, bonding of orthodontic brackets etc.


These are materials placed over a tooth to improve the aesthetics of smile. These are of two types:

  • Porcelain laminates and veneers– This is the most commonly used and is a thin piece of porcelain that is bonded to the labial surface of the tooth. It can be either prefabricated or custom made.
  • Composite laminates and veneers– This is a conservative alternative to porcelain material and are made from translucent resin that is carefully sculpted and hardened by the dentist in a single appointment.


These are types of dental veneers much thinner than traditional veneers. Their thickness can be compared to that of a contact lens. The main advantage is that they can be placed over the tooth surface without removing any tooth structure. They are strong and durable and are directly bonded to the labial surface of the teeth.


Crowns are fabricated for patients who have deformed, discoloured or endodontically treated teeth. They are fabricated based on the shade of the other teeth of the patient and is cemented over the tooth. They may be fabricated using all-metal, all-ceramic, porcelain-fused to metal and all resin material.

A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the anchoring teeth and teeth in between them that bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth. This one more anchoring tooth are called abutments and teeth in-between is called pontic.Dental bridges can be either tooth supported or implant supported.


It is a surgical fixture that is placed into the jaw bone and allowed to osseointegrate with the bone for 3-4 months. Patients should have good quality and quantity of bone to hold the implant. Heavy smokers, people suffering from chronic uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease and those undergoing radiation therapy of head and neck are few contraindications for implants.

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Smile designing should always be as conservative as possible to achieve greater aesthetics. If needed, smile designing should include different branches of dentistry such as prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics and oral surgery to achieve best possible results for the patient. A good smile is INVALUABLE, and can change your life, and if you weren’t born with it, you can get it yourself now.


Dr. Ojasvi Nijhawan Kundra

Dr.Ojasvi nijhawan kundra is a practising prosthodontist and implantologist practising in Delhi n ncr. She keeps up to date with continuing education and new technologies and is dedicated to provide the best dental care and services to her patients. She is a graduate from seema Dental College and Hospital, Rishikesh(2013).She was a gold medalist in her Masters in prosthodontics, crown and bridge and implantology from Bharati vidyapeeth deemed university Dental College and Hospital, Pune(2017). She has conducted courses on -laminates and veneers, biomechanics in implantology and tooth preparation protocols in association with Dr Rajat Sachdeva academy,Ashok Vihar. She is Visiting consultant to max hospital, Vaishali and Is associated with fortis hospital, Shalimar Bagh and Vasant Kunj as oncall consultant. She is working as a civil dental surgeon in airforce station,race course. Dr ojasvi has been awarded Best Paper Presentation Award at the 43rd Indian prosthodontic society conference, Hyderabad, on 4th-6th December 2015. She has also done various courses in basic and advance implantology including courses on osseodesification.

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