Supplements Transparency Vs Kashmir Files

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The Kashmir Files, by Vivek Agnihotri, took the country by storm, and created history when it became one of the highest grossing movies in Indian cinema, crossing well over 300cr in revenue, and continuing. The most amazing fact was that, the movie was made in a budget of just 15-20cr.

What was even more surprising was that, no one expected the movie to even break even in terms of revenue, and many of course, wanted it to tank on the box office.

But the topic of video is something which sound like a mystery. Are we comparing Diet and Sports Supplements Transparency with The Kashmir Files? If yes, then how? What’s the relation between the two? These are two absolutely distinct topics, with nothing in common.

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But it’s not just the supplements, everyone in the country, irrespective of the profession or career they belong to, can use the teachings we got from the success of The Kashmir Files, and in understanding the changing mindset of people and trends in the market.

  1. The Kashmir Files had no superstar kids, or item number songs, or stupid love stories, or rubbish action sequences, or cheap dialogues, or erotic sex scenes and nudity. In simple terms, it lacked every spice needed to make a so-called masala Bollywood film. Still it ranked at the very top, out rightly defeating every other Hindi movie released during the time it was running in the cinemas.

This simply showed how, people are getting more aware and intelligent about their choices in life. Social media may have proven to be a boon for Hindi Film industry, but it has also exposed the reality behind the dark world of mafia of Bollywood, the drugs scams,nepotism, and much more.

People are done away with mindless and meaningless movies of Bollywood, and want more truth-based movies, which have a good storyline, great acting, and relates to people and their everyday lives and emotions.

Similarly, when it comes to diet & sports supplements, gone are the days when supplements were considered like a magical performance boosting food from the West, as it was once thought in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Today, every single ingredient added in the supplement has clear studies available, which proves whether it works or not. Customers are getting more & more aware, about what a supplement should contain, and why. It’s not easy to fool the customer now, as it was a decade back.

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Though the fraud companies continue to make money, but it’s getting more & more complicated for them, to hide their deceptive techniques. They are being questioned, trolled, and exposed by people on the social media. Their scams are being exposed every other day, and they are constantly changing their marketing techniques to continue their sales & profits.

2. The Kashmir Files, was a movie based on true events, and every scene was backed by proper research and evidence. A reason why, not one person was able to give any proof against the facts shown in the movie. People tried, other techniques to somehow halt the progress of the movie, but they couldn’t.

Similarly, people today are demanding supplements transparency & their supplements to be as pure as possible. They want a ‘why’ behind every ingredient that is being added in the supplement. The more the science behind the supplements transparency is clear, more trust it will gather over time.