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Understand that human evolution is linked to almost every aspect of your life in a very strong manner. Your genes have not changed in thousands of years and you are still carrying the genes of your hunter-gatherer forefathers. Sweet cravings are one of the characteristics of our genes.

Millions of years ago when humans evolved, their major source of food was fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots and stems, seeds, etc.

The meat came in humans lived much later, around 2.6 million years ago when humans developed stone tools. But even then fruits and honey remained the choice of foods for humans.

But one thing we need to remember is that the main aim of human beings was not to enjoy a sweet dessert every day. The aim was always survival as humans were among the weakest and the slowest species back then.

sweet cravings

Life was always full of dangers and uncertainties. They had to gather food somehow by the end of the day for themselves and their families to survive and to decipher between which food is poisonous and which is not, the only tool available to them was the taste.

So they simply categorized bitter foods as poisonous and sweet foods as edible. That is the reason even now most tribes in jungles live majorly on fruits and honey, along with the meat products. But the best part is that none of these tribes is overweight or obese.

An evolutionary biologist from Harvard University and author, Daniel Lieberman says that, in our hunter-gatherer forefathers, whoever could consume the greatest energy had more chances of survival and reproduction. “Sugar is a deep, deep ancient craving

So, if you are having sweet cravings, you are not abnormal, it’s evolutionary stupid!