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The Amazing Benefits of Exercising in Nature

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June 2, 2022
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Jinnie Gogia ChughEditor and Content head of FITNESSGURU MAGAZINE
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Working out in the nature once a while can do wonders to your fitness regime. Not only does it change your mood, it is innovative and it enhances your stamina also. Working out in the pleasant weather can be great fun, and for many it’s a ritual that has innumerable benefits.

Running, Yoga, CrossFit, Bodyweight Exercises, Marathons and so much more can be done in open area, in the lap of nature.With world being 2020ied and facing the closure of gyms for a long time, many people developed a way of working out in the lap of nature.

Fitness is free vicinity. Free of age, gender, place, type and all. Over the years so many new trends have been coming up, and exercises in the arms of nature have been the first natural preference of humans. Most of the people take to the PARK as their most often visited place, their solace and in a way a therapeutic destination in many ways.

Despite the umpteen popularity of GYMS and the much buzz around working out, there are many people who have their reservations about going to the gym or using weights and equipment to exercise. That is a different school of thought all together, and this by no means should be deterring to your fitness goals. Using body weight exercises, running, free squats, pushups, planks and many more exercises can be done. Since ages, humans have been training in the natural environment. Also, the workout in nature especially in pleasant weather can be very rejuvenating. The fresh air does infinite good to the human mind as well as body.


With the many fitness bands that are available now for measuring and keeping a tab on all aspects of your fitness- from counting steps, to checking your calorie intake, and even reminding you to have that glass of water, you have complete support system for your fitness.


We have seen people practicing yoga in wee hours of the morning, despite the temperature and weather conditions outside. The fact is that once you inculcate fitness in nature in your life, it becomes so much of a habit, and is as mandatory as breathing. Thus, the commitment and dedication comes along with it. The benefits of it are unlimited, as discussed often. There are still millions who believe in rising with the sunrise, and offering their prayers, or just being awake to be in sync with nature. It is said that they pray and take much power and strength when they witness the sunrise.

skipping rope

NATURE and WELLNESS go hand in hand. In the park it’s not only yoga and running, but one can do stretching and regular mobility exercises as well. The popularity of boot camps and marathons, and various running events is a witness to this. Whether in a group or by yourself, one needs to feel active and rush to place one finds comfortable and start his workout.


The immense popularity of running groups, and more and more people joining it with each passing day, simply shows the increasing number of people joining it. The sheer passion and happiness of the runners is a delight to watch. Most of the people take to this as a stress buster, and at times for fitness too, but it slowly becomes an integral part of their lives, and almost as important as breathing. Running in a natural environment does wonders. It enhances the stamina manifold and is fun also.

The RUNNERS find an extreme passion, outlet and everything that they seek, in that dedicated hour of running. And they rarely sway from it. Irrespective of the time zone, and place, they stick to their routine.


The best part in a free environment is that one need not adhere to a set pattern of workout; rather one can innovate and try out a series of exercises .It could be a variety of jumps, running patterns, walking lunges ,free squats ,tricep dips on the bench ,push ups and so much more. One can also carry a mat ,and try out a lot of exercises on the mat. Starting with the stretching exercises, there are a number of exercises one can do here ,and one can focus on a glutes and abs circuit as well .

If you add this workout in nature once a week to your schedule ,you will have heaps of benefits from this. Not only is this a refreshing change but it adds innovation and variety as well. This breaks the monotony and your mind will feel totally refreshed in this open environment.


Many people join boot camps and group activities in a natural environment, as this gives an opportunity to perform well, and the enthusiasm of a group is motivational too. It has a positive effect on the person, and one tends to perform even better than one’s own capacity. The Boot Camps are conducted and organized by fitness coaches, and fitness enthusiasts, and with a proper planning and schedule that they plan for their group participants. Without equipment, and in the lap of nature, the business of BOOT CAMPS has grown to a phenomenal level. But it does require extreme discipline and commitment both on the part of the organizer and the participant.


AIRTEL/SUPER SIKH RUN/ASICS and so many well known brands organize marathons and even the preparation camps for the ones who are keen to run. These have taken the shape of huge sponsored events, and have lacs of people participating. But mostly, the participants have personal goals, whether it is 5 KM RUN, 10 KMS, OR 21 KMS.

marathon and jogging

Fitness shall always have to be self motivated, but once you get the taste and benefit for it, you shall never be able to settle for less.

Working out in the open will help you reduce your stress. The fresh air that you inhale will release the feel good brain chemical -SEROTININ, and thus the workout is a fantastic mood buster too.

So get set go !!

Jinnie Gogia Chugh

Jinnie Gogia Chugh is a fitness writer and wellness consultant. She has also been a pro athlete and represented India FOUR times on the international platform – thrice in physique sports and once in Powerlifting.She is a gold medalist and won 4 gold medals at the Commonwealth Powerlifting, in 2017. A prolific writer, Jinnie has been the Editor and Content head of FITNESSGURU MAGAZINE. She writes for many magazines and newspapers such as THE HINDUSTAN TIMES, and many e-portals. She has been associated with some of the best brands in the world- ON, UNIVERSAL, SPORTECH SOLUTIONS and was the key brand Ambassador for the very successful FitIndia campaign by GPN

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