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The Game Of Attention

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April 27, 2022
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Dimpesh RajaniSpeaker and Writer
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The world changes as we speak, talk, write, move and as we live our lives.

In a world so dynamic, what is the biggest challenge?

If life is a game, then what is this game about?

Well, brace yourselves for you are a player in “the game of attention”.

Today, a thought that crosses our mind is replaced by another in a micro second. We are constantly on the move in our cars, on our phones with our timelines and Instagram feeds filled with stories, reels and what not. Amidst all this chaos, the average time, anything grabs our attention is minuscule. And that is why I call life in today’s time as the game of attention. As per Google, in cognitive science, the word attention refers to all the mechanisms by which the brain selects information, amplifies it, channels it and deepens its processing.

To put in simple words, we pay attention to anything that is relatable to our taste and preference in regard to the places we go to, the community we relate to and our daily habits and most important of all, the content we consume. Further if you take the risk of surprising yourself on the internet, you will discover facts stating that the kind of content you consume or pay attention to has all the power to change the shape of your mind. I am not inclined to explore on that aspect. What I am sure and would love to throw light upon, is how the content we consume molds our behavior and there on helps us in building long lasting relationships or debilitates our relationship building abilities. A piece of content or a video which influences us to flaunt possessions stays in our mind much longer in comparison to a video that talks of values and principles. Since there has been economics, the creation of every new product has been a direct result of the deep attention paid to the people around. I do not say that there are no cultural or principal or life direction related videos out there which are any less influential than the other ones. But the quantity of such content is arguably low. In fact the irony is ahead for you to read. The quality of content which is materially influencing; misleading and provoking is unarguably good.

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In such scenarios, what demands our attention is to be observing towards the content consumed by us,our family, our elders and our kids. If we give appropriate amount of attention to all our relationships by encouraging conversations and investing in family time, we need not worry about the content they consume. I say this because if you invest in all your relationships and design them as comfortable and breathable relationships, the primary emotion and influence which will drive us and people around us would be love. And no matter it is Google or instagram or any other such portal, all of it runs on algorithms considering our choices and preferences. Here’s wishing you a splendid journey in “the game of attention”.

Dimpesh Rajani

Meet Dimpesh Rajani, a Jeweller by profession ; a speaker and writer by passion. Dimpesh has always been intrigued by the reasoning of how things work. A thinker, motivator who is gifted with prolific writing and oratory skills, Dimpesh is indeed a storehouse of talent. With high business acumen, and spreading his wings beyond work, he is a poet at heart.His keen observation about life, and a positive outlook, he addresses many a organisationsas a guset speaker and a motivator. Dimpesh has been quite experimental with his creative endeavours. He maintains a blog by the name "Righting and Rising" https://dimpeshrajani1.blogspot.com/2020/?m=0 . Also you can go through his poetry videos on his Instagram "@dimpeshrajani1". He is all set to have his book of poetry published, and enthrall the readers with work.

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