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What the hell!! This were words which first came to my mind years ago, when I came to know about gym trainers selling or prescribing anabolic steroids to people, specially youngsters in the gym, without any label. In simple terms you are being sold anabolic steroids, illegally, that too without a sticker/label indicating which steroid or company it is; or, if there is even any form of anabolic steroids inside.

Well the trend is not new, and being a former anabolic user, during mycompetition days, I have myself I have faced such malpractices before. Thankfully not the one we have discussed, but similar in nature. I got cheated when I found a supplement dealer, who was known (and still is) for such malpractices. He was giving me steroids with labels, but totally duplicate. What was inside and how shady the bottle was indicated everything. Back then, there wasn’t even a way of checking by any code verification. Thankfully, I was off competitive bodybuilding before it got too late, which did for a lot of counterparts, either health wise of financially.

Overtime I kept on hearing about such stories of supplement dealers selling duplicate steroids and supplements, or trainers selling steroids without any label, just a glass vial or some lose tablets. But, it seems this stupidity has no end.I really haven’t heard anyone addressing this issue seriously on any platform.

We all know that anabolics are today an integral part of most sports specially the unregulated and non-Olympic sports like bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman competitions. Whatever name you give them, and whatever way you address the issue, steroids use is extremely rampant, and has spilled over to the gyms and fitness centers, where even teenagers as young as thirteen, are experimenting with these steroids.

But the only issue we are going to address here is the selling of duplicate steroids, without any label or sticker whatsoever. In a lot of gyms in India, though I am not sure of other countries, as I have similar news from neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, that even today, there are a number of brainless self-proclaimed trainers who are not just openly prescribing steroids to virtually everyone and anyone, but also giving these steroids as if they are vegetables.

So, this is how it all generally goes. A youngster enters a gym for the first time,with some dreams in mind, which has nothing to do with fitness or health, but mostly to have a buffed up and ripped physique. He knows somewhere in his mind that it needs a lot of hard work, but thinking and doing are different things. He is then introduced to a trainer, who in most cases looks at him as a walking ATM. Now the trap is laid. The trainer, generally doesn’t focus much on the client,as he knows that eventually the kid will run out of patience, which they have little off, and then they will ask for help. Exactly that happens.

Hardly are there coaches, who are ethical and educated well and explain the client about the nuances of workouts and nutrition and how patience is the biggest virtue in the gym. Thereafter, when the vulnerable client approaches these trainers, they simply offer them a list of supplements and steroids, without which according to them, there won’t be any results ever. This is also accompanied by a list of shitty workouts and nutrient advices.

Well, depending on the budget the youngster, asks the trainer to help him procure the recommended items, as he is clueless of the brands or quality(though most trainers themselves are clueless). The trainer assures the client,that he will get everything, and gives him a rough inflated budget. The youngster,with no option, complies with him. The trainer then takes the money from the client and gets him the stuff, within a day or two. The problem is that every single item is not just overpriced, but sometimes to as much double the cost, as this is the best ways to earn a quick extra bucks. I really don’t understand when will these brainless trainers understand that the biggest marketing is word-of-mouth,and when the clients come to know about your malpractices, which they eventually will, then imagine the image you would carry. Then these idiots ask,why they are not able to get more clients.

Now, after all these stupidities, what is worse is that the anabolic steroids which these trainers give you are without any label or sticker indicating anything what’s inside the vial or bottle. It’s just a nameless bottle with some watery liquid inside, definitely never the steroid promised, and some lose blue/orange pills which may be cheap dianabol or anabol.

The youngster being educated, initially doubts the intention of the trainer, and he often asks why is there no label on the vial and what’s this steroid inside. Then comes the ultimate answer or the golden reply: “tereko result chahiye na? To bas pucch mat, trust kar.” (you want results, isn’t it? Then don’t ask, just trust me.).

Now imagine going to a doctor, and the doctor takes out some different colored lose pills and injections, and hands it over to you with a hefty bill. No prescription, no name, no label, nothing. And if you ask the doctor, what these are, then he just says, “trust me, you will be fine after taking these”. Is this legally possible. If such practices are caught, the doctor may have his medical license cancelled for life.

That’s why you need proper prescription of every medicine, in which the doctor writes the name of the medicine, the dosage and timing, and duration of use. You then go to a chemist yourself, and then hand him over the prescription, and he hands you the medicines, accordingly.

So, here you have a qualified, licensed doctor, prescribing you medications under law, for an illness, and he tells you everything you want to know about your illness and the medicine he is giving. On the other hand you have an unqualified trainer, who is prescribing you steroids straight away, without even telling you the name of the company, without any label. And, guess what? You are trusting him.

Some of these local trainers are those self-proclaimed gurujis, who have big inflated egos and zero brains. They have created a sort of false aura in their gyms,as if they are no less than gods in the fitness industry, and they know everything. They walk with a swollen chest, and touching their feet is compulsory. You cannot ask questions to guruji, or doubt him ever. So what, if he is selling you duplicate steroids, and supplements, and actually has little knowledge of fitness and nutrition, don’t u know he is guruji, and his word is the last.

I have already covered this fake guruji culture in the gym in a separate video on my channel.

Now, let me be straight and blunt. Anyone selling you steroids without label, or in lose form, or supplement without a proper bill, is cheating you. These are not trainers, but thieves and quacks. They are not in fitness to educate and help people, but simply because this field doesn’t need any major regulation, so they find it a career to earn easy money. For them, a I have talked before in my videos too, client is walking ATM, from which they want to extract money anytime they feel like. Your health, wellness, truth, ethics, are not even their list of concerns.These quacks, have no long term plan, but play short term games, of extracting whatever out of a client, as fast as possible. Once the client becomes aware of their malpractices and corrupt intentions, they move on to another client.

Empty vials are available everywhere without any restrictions. These quacks,buy these empty bottles and inject anything they like inside in the name ofsteroids. It can be a cheap testosterone salt, which they add in the vial, and sell you in the name of costlier salts like trenbolone, equipoise or primabolon. Or it can literally nothing except some liquid salt solution or a vitamin B12 shot. Same is with the oral tablets.

As such steroids is a totally corrupt and illegal underground market. On top of that, you want to take them without labels. Can anything be worse. Remember, if something happens, then you can’t blame or prove anything. Also, if you have too much money to spend, better donate it to people who need it. Also, your body is not an experimental lab, where like mice or a Guinea pig you keep on adding anything to see what’s the outcome.

That’s why beware of such trainers and these malpractices. A simple way would be to avoid any contact or discussion with them.