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February 2, 2021
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Akshay ChopraFounder - We R Stupid
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Out of many amazing workout routines, here comes another savage Superset routine by the legendary coach Vince Gironda and we need to do it as it is prescribed (though I will add some similar variations).

vince gironda

The resistance to be used during the workout should be app. 85% of your 6RM.

It’s a 6 day/week routine, and extremely high volume for, primarily made for an advance athlete.

For each superset, you need to do 8 sets of 8 reps.

If you are an intermediate, start from 3-4 sets of 8 reps, and then progress one set at a time.

Here is the workout:

Day 1 & 4: Chest, Back & Delts

A1 – Parallel Bar Dips

A2Chin-ups (Sternum Chin-ups, done the Vince Gironda way, by getting your lower chest to touch the bar, during the chin-up)

B1Barbell Upright Row

B2 – Bent over Lateral Raises

Day 2 & 5: Arms & Forearms

A1 – Barbell Drag Curl

A2 – Pulley Push Down

B1 – Reverse Barbell Drag Curl

B2 – Supinated Wrist Curl

Day 3 & 6: Legs, Calves & Abs

A1 – Hack Squats/Barbell Squats

A2 – Lying Leg Curl

B – Donkey Calf Raise/Standing Calf Raises – 4 sets X 20 reps (no super set for this exercise)

C – Lying Leg Raises – 3 sets X 12 reps

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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