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Wearable Technology In Fitness

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June 8, 2022
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Jinnie Gogia ChughEditor and Content head of FITNESSGURU MAGAZINE
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WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY has been a popular trend since its launch, and opened a new segment for business, opportunities and paved the way for a new market altogether.

This started as a trend and was mainly attracting the gym goers or the athletes, but it soon became one of the most common gadget that everyone wanted to own. Not only for people who lead an active lifestyle, but even for people with a sedentary lifestyle, a gadget from the wearable technology was a consumer.



The fitness gadgets offer a variety of features and these features are not beneficial merely for the fitness aspect, but also largely look at the medical aspects and safety issues.


  • GPS-

Yes, all this could also be done through an app on your phone, but having an independent gadget always makes it better. Moreover you can’t be gymming, lifting weights or exercising with the phone in your hand to track your activities.

The audience for the fitness gadgets and wearable technology is only increasing. There are many brands that started with one gadget, but have rapidly expanded their inventory and introduced a wide range of gadgets, with different features.

The features cater to a particular target community, and with more innovations in technology, they are coming out with more enhanced versions. It has become a huge industry now, with many established players also entering this segment.

“Tech advances have made it easy for users to collect important health metrics and work with fitness professionals and health care providers to develop healthy lifestyles and increase quality of life,” ACSM Past President Walter R. Thompson, who served as the lead author of the survey, said in a media release.

Wearable Technology is a trend that has topped the charts since 2020, all the more as people were confined to their homes. Wearable Technology, Online Trainings and Home workouts were ruling in the trends and this has only continued.

Over the recent years, in many surveys, it has been observed that there are many benefits of using wearable technology. Wearable technology includes intelligent electronic devices that are worn on the body to streamline workouts. Most of the people in FITNESS or those who adopt a fitness lifestyle, are self-motivated. Sometimes, they have people around amongst their family or friends who are also as passionate as they are, and at times they are on their alone journey.

A wearable technology gadget helps them keep motivated and also set their personal goals.

  • Accountability-
  • Set Goals and New Targets-
  • Reminders and motivation to Achieve Them-
  • Monitoring Heart Rate.-
  • Raising new bar everyday-
  • Increased Awareness-
  • Accountability


The happiness that one gets when he surpasses his set target of 10K steps, is amazing, and keeps the runner even more motivated. The major parameters like, a reminder for having water, eating well in your focused calorie count, and following your set fitness goals is of dire importance to anyone who is particular about these.

Also,the feature to read messages and get alert about your calls, is another advantage that is much needed and appreciated by all. One doesn’t have to take out the phone from their pockets, or check for the messages and notifications and calls.


when one Wearable technology provides us with the ability to monitor our fitness levels, track our location with GPS, and view text messages more quickly. Best of all, most of the devices that allow us to do this are hands free and portable, eliminating the need to take our devices out of our pockets. Many are enhanced and have a feature of tracking, just like the phones, and the near ones are alert and aware about the whereabouts of your cycle ride, and running track.

To follow your passion, it requires a lot of sacrifice and in this fitness journey that one decided to start,mostly one sacrifices his early morning sleep, or time with friends and family, and only then can one achieve their personal goals. The feature of tracking the early morning ride with family is an essential one and very useful too.


The one use of Wearable technology is that it has helped reduce the visit to the doctor or a hospital for small issues- such as heart rate monitoring, checking the pulse, and BP. This reduces the immediate need for a medical checkup for these requirements.


The fitness device becomes your go to gadget, and is your comrade in your fitness journey. You want to increase your steps, manage your heart-smart goal, and keep a check on your calories, and metabolism-VOILA you have your device!!

No wonder the increase in the number of brands that are venturing into this, and the already successful and established brands that are doing extremely well and flourishing -they have captured the need of the hour, hence the success!!

Jinnie Gogia Chugh

Jinnie Gogia Chugh is a fitness writer and wellness consultant. She has also been a pro athlete and represented India FOUR times on the international platform – thrice in physique sports and once in Powerlifting.She is a gold medalist and won 4 gold medals at the Commonwealth Powerlifting, in 2017. A prolific writer, Jinnie has been the Editor and Content head of FITNESSGURU MAGAZINE. She writes for many magazines and newspapers such as THE HINDUSTAN TIMES, and many e-portals. She has been associated with some of the best brands in the world- ON, UNIVERSAL, SPORTECH SOLUTIONS and was the key brand Ambassador for the very successful FitIndia campaign by GPN

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