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April 15, 2020
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Akshay ChopraFounder - We R Stupid
weight loss roti

I mean seriously, weight loss roti? How low can someone stoop? This is a prime example of total shit in fitness, nutrition, and health. Guess what? This is not a random statement but a famous concept on which a number of dumb dieticians and people are making videos and writing blogs.

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There are some videos, which have gathered well over half a million views, and others are in lakhs and thousands. This means there are millions watching these channels, and guess what, applying their stupid advice.

In some cases, even the basic common sense is lost to an extent that it can be termed as ‘total shit’. This is one such case.


To lose weight or fat, you need to stop eating food, not change the form and think it will help.

There is no food which helps you lose weight or fat. Anything which has calories will add calories to your body.

Roti is roti. What grain you use depends on factors like:

  • Culture – people around India, consume different grains for centuries, and that’s how their taste buds have developed. Health has generally nothing to do with it. If South & East Indians prefer rice, North Indians prefer wheat and Makai ki roti, West Indians may love Bajra or Ragi, etc. There is no community which is fatter or sicker than the other because they are eating a particular type of grain.

What matters is not grains (of course I am not talking about refined grains like maida), but the quantity of grains you are consuming. If I tell you that a particular type of grain is healthy, or combine some grains and make a roti, that has nothing to do with weight loss. If I tell you to eat a ragi ki roti and you go and eat 6 rotis, then it’s not ragi or bajra, or chana or wheat, it’s the total quantity you need to control.

  • Taste – every human on this earth is born in a particular community, in which he/she has been brought up. His taste buds have developed that way. And there is no community which eats super healthy, and others which eat all junk. The junk food which is marketed in shops is industrial food, not community food.

Now, let’s say a dietician because of her self-made theory (also, because she has to justify the amount of money you have paid), she tells you to eat roti with some ratio of grains. The question is not whether you can eat or not. Anyone can for some time. But question is, for how long? You cannot change your taste buds, and you don’t have to ever. Every culture in this world has its amazing local foods, which are phenomenally healthy. That’s how your genes have developed and that’s how you can eat your food happily for life. Rest everything is a short-term adventure.

  • Nutrition – grains do differ in macro and micronutrient make-up, but the question is, when was the last time you had only roti or rice in your meal? If a particular type of grain is more nutrient-dense than the other, it doesn’t matter much, till the time you consume only Rotis made of that grain forever in your meals. When you take a meal, you have various vegetables, pulses, and legumes, spices, fats, and grains as its composition. The nutrient value is of the entire meal, not just the roti. If you have a crappy, cream and oil-filled shahi paneer from outside, and have multigrain roti with it, it won’t make any difference to your calorie intake or health.

The best way to market something, as I have covered in my earlier videos also, is to associate it with an actor or an actress. There are lots of crazy-heads who will drool over your advice, with this simple trick. So, there are articles that say that an actress lost weight primarily because her diet had one ragi roti in a meal. Seriously?

The actress got fit because she started eating healthy food, and controlled quantity, first. Most importantly, she went off all the junk she had been consuming. On top of that, she started working out and sweating harder in a gym, because she that’s what she would be paid for. She did not get fit because a dietician designed a super diet for her. There is no such diet in the world. If a diet is a super diet, then rest everyone in the world, who is not eating that diet, would be sick and fat.

Just because the internet is unregulated, or YouTube is open to everyone, doesn’t mean, you have to spread stupidity, to prove your intellectual superiority over others. But, what would we tell to people watching these videos, and worse believing them? Stupid, I guess.

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