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Winners Of India’s Biggest Fitness Giveaway

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October 25, 2021
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Akshay ChopraFounder - We R Stupid
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Here is the complete winners list:

Winner 1: Yash Pandit
Winner 2: Ankit
Winner 3: BROCODE 360⁰
Winner 4:Grizzly forest
Winner 5: Laksh Khandelwal
Winner 6: Rohit Singh
Winner 7: Alankrit Yadav
Winner 8:Deepak Sharma
Winner 9:Aditya Pratap Singh
Winner 10: Rahul ######
Winner 11: Rohit
Winner 12:Praveen kumar
Winner 13:Mohsin Khan
Winner 14: abhishek mishra
Winner 15: rohan garg
Winner 16: susantakumar &Ajay kumar
Winner 17: Ajmal Hussain
Winner 18: Himanshu Lakra
Winner 19: Nitish Singh
Winner 20: Naresh Kumar
Winner 21:Rahul Rakh
Winner 22: Mohit chauhan
Winner 23 :Abhay Sharma
Winner 24 :Abhijit Rakshit
Winner 25: Shekhar Barge
Winner 26: Anand Singh
Winner 27:abhi
Winner 28: Gaurav Pal
Winner 29:Sudhanshu Kr
Winner 30: Pushpendra Gurjar
Winner 31: harsh gaur
Winner 32: Aman Bharti
Winner 33: Pradeep Parmar
Winner 34: avi dadlani
Winner 35:The Akshay Malhotra
Winner 36: Rohan
Winner 37: Amit fitness addict #23
Winner 38: Vatsal Desai
Winner 39: Sahil Kaul
Winner 40: Pammu Patel
Winner 41: Arkjash
Winner 42: Siddharth Chauhan
Winner 43: Shirish Naidu
Winner 44: MALIK SHAH
Winner 45: Mr Gym09
Winner 47: Tej Chahar
Winner 48: raval ved
Winner 49: vikram singh
Winner 50: Gaurav Pandit
Winner 51: snehal hudda
Winner 52: nirmal kumar
Winner 53: Mickle Dutta
Winner 54: Arkjash
Winner 55: Punit Lahoti
Winner 56: Abhinaba
Winner 57: SG Chaudhary Films
Winner 59: Prateek Patidar
Winner 60: Himanshu Singhmar
Winner 61: Vikas Chaudhari
Winner 62: Sumit Kumar
Winner 63: Shaqlain Hashmi
Winner 64: Harshit Saini
Winner 66: Raj Patil
Winner 67: Dileep Singh Jhala
Winner 69: mega pesonalities
Winner 70: Seishti joshi
Winner 71: Gaurav Pal
Winner 72: Rambalak Nunia
Winner 73: Mohit Pal
Winner 74: Suraj Mahamuni
Winner 75: ShapeUp India
Winner 76: Sunil Sahani
Winner 77: AKSHAY M P
Winner 78: Shubham
Winner 79: Nimit Pingolia
Winner 80: Sumit Gupta
Winner 81: workout motivation
Winner 82: Aditya Jha
Winner 83: sameer Singh Singh
Winner 84: Dil Hai Hindustani
Winner 85: Devanshu Bhagat
Winner 86: ajju shk
Winner 87: Gaurav Verma
Winner 88: pradeep dok
Winner 89: Yash Hiwanj
Winner 90: Raj S
Winner 91: Clutch King
Winner 92: Rajdatt Mini films
Winner 93: ikjyot Singh
Winner 94: AMIT Kumar
Winner 95: Jay Soni
Winner 96: mayur shirke
Winner 97: Gautam Sagar
Winner 98: Sumit Singh
Winner 99: Lelouch Lamperouge
Winner 100: Nutrition108
Winner 101: Shaikh Talkim
Winner 102: Rebel’s Fitness Vlogs
Winner 104: Lemba Yumnam
Winner 105: Conquerer King
Winner 106: DINESH KUMAR
Winner 107: SK GAMER
Winner 108: Dr.Priyank Chaturvedi
Winner 109: Ashish Bulla
Winner 110: Moksh setia
Winner 111: Shivam Mishra
Winner 112: Be Immature n fit
Winner 113: Amey Joshi
Winner 114: Mahesh Verma
Winner 115: The Three Mesquiteers
Winner 116: Barsa Sahu
Winner 117: RITWIK tiwari
Winner 118: Deep Dhebar
Winner 119: Forever FitGyan
Winner 120: Sanjeev
Winner 121: Akash Kumar
Winner 122: Ryoyosonusingh
Winner 123: Aamer Aabid
Winner 124: The Anjaan
Winner 125: Aakash Dhankar
Winner 126: Anubhav Sharma
Winner 127: Ritik Upreri
Winner 128: Shirish Naidu
Winner 129: Harshit Saini
Winner 131: Prakash Padhiyar
Winner 132: MD FAISAL
Winner 133: Dhruv Singh
Winner 134: abhi
Winner 135: Spandan maiti
Winner 136: Devansh Kumar
Winner 137: Abhishek Pathania
Winner 138: fact masala
Winner 139: Gaurav Verma
Winner 140: M D
Winner 141: ABOUT FITNESS 💪
Winner 142: Gourav K Goswami
Winner 143: Darshan
Winner 144: CHåRmBÖy YögÉsH
Winner 145: Rahul Rathee
Winner 146: devanshu sharma
Winner 147: sardare chirag
Winner 148: Kamlesh singh Bisht
Winner 149: Darshan
Winner 150: Awantik Sharma
Winner 151: Anikesh Kumar
Winner 152: Mohit King
Winner 153: FF HACKER
Winner 154: Samriddha Dam
Winner 155: Prem Verma
Winner 156: SJ
Winner 157: pubg with nain
Winner 158: Abhishek Arora
Winner 159: vishal rao
Winner 160: Anand Yog Fitness
Winner 161: Poisonous Roaster
Winner 162: raval ved
Winner 163: Gaurav Pandit
Winner 164: MR.X Gaming
Winner 165: MD FAISAL
Winner 166: Alpha suru
Winner 167: Akash Saini
Winner 168: Nisha
Winner 169: Aakash Gurjar
Winner 170: Himanshu Dhaka
Winner 171: Harsh Singh Rajput
Winner 172: fact masala
Winner 173: 184,B, Vinay chughani
Winner 174: sapra vipulkumar
Winner 175: mayank mishra
Winner 176: Himanshu Dhiryan
Winner 177: BodybuildingArjun Sharma
Winner 178: Syed Imran
Winner 179: jayesh Prajapat
Winner 180: Pranjal Fitness
Winner 181: abhishek mishra
Winner 182: Sameer Motiwale
Winner 183: 12 Ayush Mahto 9’b’
Winner 184: travis liu
Winner 185: utkarsh rana
Winner 186: Demon King
Winner 187: Gopal Chander
Winner 188: Ritik Srivastav
Winner 189: Jatin Saini
Winner 190: Yuvraj Singh
Winner 191: Saksham Nishad
Winner 192: Siddharth Jena
Winner 193: Dil Hai Hindustani
Winner 194: Saakshar Kohli
Winner 195: Bhawarpreet Singh
Winner 196: Aman Bharti
Winner 198: Sachin Kumar
Winner 199: S FAIR
Winner 200: Kishan Mohapatra
Winner 201: Sunil kumar Behera
Winner 202: Thomas Johnson
Winner 203: Priyansh Bilala
Winner 204: bhargav sukumar
Winner 205: Jai Badrivishal Jai Kedar
Winner 206: Rahul Pal
Winner 207: Kachra Seth
Winner 208: Sachin Mandana
Winner 209: RICKY BHAI
Winner 210: Abhijeet Khandale
Winner 211: Nishant Rana
Winner 212: ANKIT PATEL
Winner 213: Alankrit Yadav
Winner 214: shubham shukla
Winner 215: parminder singh
Winner 216: Monish Mishra
Winner 217: ENJOY LIFE
Winner 218: Suhail Ansari
Winner 219: Kunal Soni
Winner 220: TheBoogieGamer
Winner 221: Kartik Kumar
Winner 222: Prahlad Kiroriwal
Winner 223: Himanshu saini
Winner 224: Nishant Rana
Winner 225: Shwetashwat Singh
Winner 226: DIGANT NATH
Winner 227: Nikhil Kumar
Winner 228: HARSH GAMER 95
Winner 229: SURENDRA SiNGH
Winner 230: An Eye Opener😳
Winner 231: Harit Pratim saikia
Winner 232: tumuh kas
Winner 233: Ishaan.16
Winner 234: Pranjal Fitness
Winner 235: Saksham 0001
Winner 237: Gourav Binjola
Winner 238: Kritik Mohare
Winner 239: Paras Dimri
Winner 240: rameh hooyex
Winner 241: amandeep sharma
Winner 243: Rishabh Rathore
Winner 244: Shirish Naidu
Winner 245: manoj boricha
Winner 246: rohan garg
Winner 247: Aman Rastogi
Winner 248: Barsa Sahu
Winner 249: jugal kalita
Winner 250: Prahlad Kiroriwal

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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