Body Mechanics

BODY MECHANICS or BM as it is informally known as, is the brain child of Sunny Gambhir, Sanjeet Gulati and Akshay Chopra. The concept of BODY MECHANICS took extensive research to develop. The phenomenal growth of the Fitness Industry is not just the reason behind BM. In the recent years numerous gyms and fitness centers have mushroomed across the country. But the problem is the absolute lack of technical know how, limited knowledge about the concepts of various components of fitness and nutrition, and opening of such centers just for profit.


The aim of BM was to clear the myths and misconceptions in the field of fitness and nutrition from the minds of clients and coaches alike and build trust as the base for the entire model.

BM has had record breaking enrollments and sales figures, along with probably the best customer retention and renewal throughout, simply because of the strictly controlled professional environment, extremely competitive pricing and incomparable high valued services.

One of the worst examples today in the Indian fitness industry are the trainers and coaches. Most of them are simply high school pass outs, with hardly any practical or theoretical experience in the field of fitness.

Body Mechanics took all these and many more aspects in mind and came up with the concept of amazing quality and services at affordable pricing and phenomenal training concepts using unconventional object training like heavy ropes, sandbags, chains, tires, slam and medicine balls, suspension training, loaded carries, agility ladder and cones, stepper workouts and a lot more along with the use of traditional strength training and cardio equipment.

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