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the best exercise for legs

Deep sumo walk is one of the best exercise for legs. Bodyweight training is undoubtedly one of the best forms of training a person can do. The best part about bodyweight training is that it is an amazing way to maximize physical strength, prevent injuries, helps in recovery from injuries, improve sports performance, and torches fat.

One of the most powerful movements you can incorporate in your workout regime is the Deep Sumo Walk movement.

It is one of the best exercise for legs especially glutes you would ever do. When combined with your conventional leg workouts, the sumo walk movement will make your legs & butts, go sore for days. Another amazing way to use this movement is in bodyweight circuits, which do not require any equipment. Sumo walk is an excellent movement to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors. It is a tough movement for beginners. 

To perform the Deep Sumo Walk movement:

  1. Open your feet equivalent to shoulder width, like in a normal squat position.
  2. Now take a step further on the right or left, such as the stance of the squat almost doubles, like in a sumo squat position.
  3. Please note that the feet would be pointed out app. 30deg. A lot of people point out the knee excessively which puts undue pressure on the knee. Avoid that.
  4. Now descend in a controlled manner, avoiding excessive forward bending of the upper body. Go deep, such that, your hips are well below parallel, and you feel a good stretch in the hips at the bottom.
  5. Now, start walking slowly one step at a time. please note, that if your hips are deep enough, you won’t be able to walk fast. Your body will try to push the hips up, to ease the movement, but that’s what you need to guard against.


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