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In the video “Why Steroids Lead to Acne and Hair Fall?” I explained DHT. DHT is a metabolite of testosterone and a sex steroid found in the body. When testosterone gets converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) it becomes 3-4 times stronger than testosterone. DHT is the most potent steroid found in the human body. DHT is formed when testosterone interacts with an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase.


The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase is found in abundance in tissues like prostate, skin, scalp, liver and the Central Nervous System. It is used to increase the potency of testosterone in the body especially when androgenic action is needed.

Creatine is one of the most common supplements used for sports performance. It is also one of the most researched supplements and is proven to be safe and effective in hundreds of studies.

Some days back, one of the clients who contacted me was having hair loss during creatine use and was able to arrest the hair loss when he went off creatine. When I studied the effect of creatine on hair loss, I found that men with already high levels of DHT will have a further increase in DHT because of the use of creatine and may have an increased problem of hair loss.

In a study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine 2009, it was seen that creatine supplementation in young rugby playing males showed an increase of testosterone –to DHT ratio by 22per cent which means there was an increase in the 5-Alpha Reductase activity.

So, it is surely true that creatine can lead to hair fall, though not in everyone. In case, you have a hair loss issue while using creatine, simply stop the use, and you will be back to normal. If the problem persists, please consult your physician for further treatment.


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