A single point program doesn’t work for everyone. Though the basics remain the same but there are numerous variations which are required in terms of program design for each individual because it is not only the needs of an individual which vary but also because each one is a unique creation in their own selves.

There are number of differences which are to be considered for an individual before a program can be designed for someone to embark on the journey for a better lifestyle:

  • Mental makeup and thought processes
  • Genetic differences
  • Personal preferences and likings
  • Medical conditions
  • Lifestyle variations
  • Environmental and social differences
  • Cultural differences
  • Aims and goals

Basis of the program

  • Completely indivualized

    No single point approach for everyone.

  • One on One

    One of the few programs in which the client will be in contact with the coach through phone, e-mail, social media sites like facebook & Instagram, and Watsapp, throughout the program.

  • Variations

    even the best program in the world is best only till the time your body adapts to it. Genesis brings about timely variations to shock the body into transformation, with excellent personalized workout programs.

  • No Fads

    The program does not have any kind of Low calorie fad diets for weight loss, which is simply a loss of water and precious muscle mass.

  • No harmfull supplements prescribed

    Finally, no prescription of useless and dangerous supplements like fat burners, pre-workouts etc.

Clean Eating + Intensive Workouts + Adequate Sleep + Required Supplementation + Reduced Stress = A new and healthier you

Who says that side effects are bad, especially when the effects are in the likes of:

  • Desired lean gain
  • Improved digestion
  • Detoxification of the kidney, colon and the liver
  • Clear and flawless skin and smoother hair
  • More energy and freshness
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced cravings
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Decreased stress and greater clarity of thought
  • A fitter, smarter, more positive and a happier you



This is not some short term low calorie diet schedule for weight loss. It is the complete program based on the way of eating depending on your culture, taste and sensitivities, which consists of:

  • A program which can be followed not for a particular time but for life.
  • The diet system is based on our ancestral way of eating not on some westernized concept, or changing trends.
  • It teaches you how to eat clean and adequate, not just less.
  • One of the few programs which helps in the detoxification of the liver, kidney and the colon enhancing not only nutrient absorption but also taking care of number of other problems in the body which an individual is unaware of.
  • It takes care of your cravings which occur when you go on some useless low calorie diet.
  • it curbs the inflammation monster rising in the bodies of all human beings in the modern society leading to hundreds of autoimmune disorders and other degenerative diseases.
  • The program educates you like no other and present before you research based facts tremendously increasing your knowledge base breaking the myths created by the food and drug companies.


Which initially break your myths about workouts and teaches you the right concepts of exercise science:

  • It is based on the fact that strength has always been the base of all activities of human beings since millions of years.
  • The program combines the right amount of strength training workouts, a right mix of low intensity cardiovascular training and high intensity interval workouts.
  • It busts many myths like why crunches and sit ups are one of the most useless exercises in the gym, how trainers make you do a particular exercise repeatedly to waste your time, which are the best exercises your trainers don’t make you do, unconventional exercises you have never heard of and many more
  • The workouts are small and intensive with monthly variations to induce maximum growth.


This is not some short term low calorie diet schedule for weight loss. It is the complete program based on the way of eating depending on your culture, taste and sensitivities, which consists of:

  • Why basic supplementation may be necessary for a lot of individuals, but not all.
  • How most youngsters are dangerously into supplements and why most adults are too afraid of them.
  • Why over 80% of the supplements in the market are absolutely useless.
  • How to choose a supplement and not be fooled by ads of celebrities in the media promoting some useless supplements.
  • How certain supplements can be extremely beneficial for people suffering from various medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and many more, for whom nutrition matters the most, than mere calories.


Which initially break your myths about workouts and teaches you the right concepts of exercise science:

  • One on one consultation on phone, email or WhatsApp.
  • Doubt clearing in any part of the program at any time during the entire course.


“GENESIS” starts with a complete know-how of the client by a detailed questionnaire. This is to get deep into the individual’s lifestyle, preferences, choices and goals.

  • The process is extremely simple, but deeply insightful.
  • Just fill in the questionnaire and send in the answers.
  • Make your payments and you’re ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

In case of any confusion, everything can be discussed on Phone, Whatsapp or Email

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Average rating:  
 46 reviews
by Karan on We R Stupid

“My interaction and experience with Akshay are very good. Akshay is very genuine and a good human being. I believe he is second to none.

His advice on genesis program is simple, easy to follow. While working on this program I gained strength and muscle. Other then protein, Akshay did not advise me to have any other supplements because that was not required for me. Genesis program helped me gain strength and muscle naturally and it is feasible to continue with the program as it’s honest and has no fancy stuff, this is the real deal which works, of course, one needs to be committed to it.”

by Siddharth Singh on We R Stupid

I am a huge fan of Akshay sir and his knowledge, me and my wife were deeply benefited from the Genesis program. Unfortunately, we could not keep the progress due to this COVID-19 situation.

by Manpreet Singh on We R Stupid

That was an amazing program. I learned a lot of things. It was a little hard but amazing results.

by Abhisheck Khanna on We R Stupid
Nothing can be better than this

To Me knowing Akshay Sir was an accident. I still remember that text I did to show my interest to meet in Delhi and how humbly he said to meet. This is a year old story when he was new, I am honored to have walked with him on his journey of success. Tried my level best not to miss any video, blog, ebook and QnA series of him. His never-ending knowledge about health and fitness domain is what draws a big line between him and others. I won’t mind saying that the way he nudes the imposters and deceivers is one of its own kinds. I Enrolled in genesis as a beginner and since then I have seen a 360 change the way I used to take Health & Fitness. Today I am reaping the benefit of knowing him and his ways at the age of 43 and do repent sometimes when I was in my teenage. I would have been someone else had he been there at that time. But anyways ‘better late than never’.
LAST Verdict : Consider yourself lucky if you under his guidance. No Left No Right

by Rishi Jaggi on We R Stupid

Loved the experience with Akshay sir.

by aryan mishra on We R Stupid

“After 1 month of working out and eating correctly, the weight started to fall off. I have more energy and feel great! I think I eat more now than I did before and I’ve dropped nearly 4 kg.

by sunny bakshi on We R Stupid

Best muscle gain programme!

by madhav bedi on We R Stupid

He challenges you to achieve your fitness goals with a balanced approach, both pushing you to succeed, yet patient with the process. He listens well to your needs and is both educational and supportive.”

by mohit on We R Stupid

I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment, and would recommend akshay sir’s programme to anyone who is looking to improve his fitness with a dedicated trainer.

by Rudra on We R Stupid

I’ve never been as consistent with exercise as I have in the last 2 months.Good programme!

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