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online fitness programme


When you read the heading, you will be a bit surprised as to how I can claim GENESIS to be the most powerful online transformation program in India?

But, before we discuss the why, let’s understand first, what is GENESIS all about.

Every day, I get tons of queries (apart from enrolments) about the GENESIS program:

What is GENESIS all about?

How is it better than other online fitness programs?

Why is everyone talking about it?

What is the cost of online fitness training?

I have medical conditions, will it take into consideration those issues?

I am a sportsman, how will it help me improve my performance?

I am fed up with dieticians and their fad diets, do I have to follow a strict diet again?

Will it be a computer-generated fitness or transformation program, or it will be personalized?

Will I be able to contact Akshay sir directly, and clear my doubts?

And many more such questions are handled by me and my team every day.

All these and more will be answered here to clear all your doubts about GENESIS.


After meeting literally tens of thousands of people across the country and abroad, both online and face to face;

With over 20 years of experience both in terms of sports and academics;

After having one of the strongest profiles in the country in fitness;

I have realized a few things about online fitness programs:

  1. An online fitness program cannot be an autogenerated program. If it is, then it is a false fitness program. In fact, it is not just the online fitness programs, it’s with many face-to-face consultation programs too, for e.g. certain dieticians, where you keep on saying what you think is important, but the dietician has certain pre-made diet programs with her, and she just takes out a two-page printout of a diet and hands it over to you.
  1. Almost all shitty diets, whether online or offline have certain common things in them:
  • They are generally based on an extremely low-calorie diet, more like a crash diet or a starvation diet.
  • Most of the diets are low carb and low salt diet. This is because by cutting these two components, you start losing water, and the dietician knows that you don’t know the difference between weight loss and fat loss. You are simply worried about the scale on the weight machine. She is not interested in fat loss and strength gain because that takes time. She wants temporary but instant results.
  • The diets are extremely fancy and tough to follow. You will have ingredients that you have never had in your life, are extremely difficult to procure and quite costly. Now, this is done for a very strong psychological reason, i.e. to justify the money you have paid her.

If the dietician gives you some changes in your basic home food, which you and your ancestors have been consuming for thousands of years, then you will ask her, ‘why have I paid you’. Such changes are generally not needed but done to justify the worth of money you have paid.

Question is not, whether you can or not, you surely can, that much will power all of us have. But for how long? Eventually, all the people give up and then they hop on to another dietician and then the story starts again and then another dietician.

Read next point….

  • This is because the dietician will never educate you about the diet she is giving you. For most cases she herself is confused, and giving you a copy-pasted western fad diet, like a GM diet, or Blood group diet which have been the busted world over for their lies. In other cases, she has to make you dependent on her for as long as she can. This is so that you become a constant source of income for her.
  • There are a lot of even more stupid dieticians who recommend tons of herbs and supplements to you in form of fat burners, weight loss supplements, powders and gels, weight loss shakes, etc. instead of whole foods, and a host of other bullshit which they earn from. I have already busted most of them on my channel WE R STUPID, and they are hiding faces when people question them on my behalf.

  • Dieticians often tell you, not to do weight training. Probably the worst advice and the biggest lies they tell you is this. This is because, as we discussed earlier, they are not interested in your fitness, fat loss or strength; but only short-term weight loss, by hook or crook.

When you do strength training (something without which a diet or any fitness program is never designed), your muscle mass increases, which is the best thing that can happen to you at any age. But when your muscle mass increases, your fat loss will happen, but your weight will also go up, as muscles are heavier and denser than fat. Though this is the best thing that can happen to you, the dietician, as I said before, will never educate you about the difference in fat loss and weight loss. She wants short term results, not long-lasting benefits.

  • Majority of them never take into consideration the most important factors before you design a diet:


  • Now comes the most important factor no dietician will ever tell you; you can never design a diet alone. There is a total consideration of various lifestyle factors by the coach, which involves you’re eating, sleeping, exercise, physical activity, medical conditions, and stress patterns. That’s why when I made the video, that there is no diet:exercise ratio in real life. The ratio is 100% diet, 100% exercise and physical activity, 100% sleep and 100% stress. You cannot compensate one with another.


3. I have seen many online fitness programs. Trust me it’s hard to find one good fitness program which educates the client. Because in most cases, education is not the intent, the intent is to get more clients, anyhow.

The diet plans or workout programs I saw were beyond putrid. A 2-page diet transformation program and a 2-page workout program are not what you pay for. If you do not know why you will never be able to get long term results. The aim of an online body transformation program (even offline) is first and foremost to educate you.


4. Most of the online body transformation or personal training programs are timed to approx 8-16 weeks. They all promise your life-changing results in this time period.

Let’s say you join a fitness program for 90 days, the problem is that the person behind that program knows exactly how to fool you. Because you are not looking for long terms changes, education and learning or truth. You are searching for a magical transformation and overnight results. If you can’t accept the truth, don’t read forward.

You cannot correct what you did wrong for decades in just 60-90 days. That’s only possible through fad starvation diets, or other extreme and dangerous measures like the use of anabolic steroids, diuretics, extreme fat burners, etc. Which again will give you tons of side effects (believe me they are not worth it). But again, the results are going to be temporary and short term, and you will back to square one once you are off these stupid things.

Remember, the primary aim of any fitness program in the world should be to put you on the right track for lifelong learning and long term results. If your online or offline coach or dietician cannot educate you, then they are not worth being in that position.



GENESIS is the first of its kind, extremely comprehensive and personalized online consultation program in the country.

This fitness program was designed to change not only the way you eat and exercise but also the way you think about a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of the fitness program is not to give you temporary results, but to put you on the right path for life.

It is not a short-term weight loss/gain program available in the market, but a complete body transformation program which has been designed by me after a lot of experimentation on self and my clients who have seen excellent results from this fitness program.

  • NO stringent & temporary diet plans,
  • NO useless supplements,
  • NO false promises & gimmicks,
  • NO short term results but just a clean & nutritious way of eating and good workouts.

If someone tells you that you can be fit only through a particular diet or exercise program (which a lot of people are doing today) then he/she is lying. There are multiple ways to design a diet and workout schedule, but the question is just one, which no one asks, ‘for how long is it sustainable?’

The formula for a healthy life is simple:


My aim would be to assess, all the above factors for you, and give you a  fitness program, which you can follow, not for a couple of weeks or months, but for life.


GENESIS fitness program is not a 2-4 page weekly diet schedule or a monthly workout pattern.

The Online Fitness program is spread in well over 50 pages.

The entire GENESIS is divided into different parts:

Part 1: BASICS FIRST – where you will learn the basics of nutrition, exercise, human movement, supplementation, etc. and certain rules which you can follow for life.


Part 2: YOUR ASSESSMENT – your entire assessment is done and you are told clearly told not just your mistakes but also where you are going fine, and don’t have to worry.

Part 3: NUTRITION – an aspect most people are most worried about. Everything that would be told to you would be with a reason so that you understand why you are doing what I am recommending. The DIET & NUTRITION PLAN in GENESIS for you would be FOR LIFE. There would be no short term diet plan. No starvation diets. Nutrition will be given the utmost importance.

Remember, “If you cannot follow a diet for life, then you are just on an adventure”.


Part 4: SUPPLEMENTATION – for most people the cost of GENESIS actually comes out to be zero. This is because I slash almost 90% of the useless supplements people are taking due to some wrong recommendations. The same I have done on my youtube channel WERSTUPID. Supplements will be given on the basis of necessity and convenience only. There is no compulsory supplementation in GENESIS.

Part 5: HUMAN MOVEMENT – this is not workout. This is the physical activity you do in the entire day apart from your daily exercise. Remember, you cannot compensate 8-10hrs of sitting with an hour of workout”. This is one of the most neglected factors in fitness today, something I have covered in detail in my book BORN TO MOVE.


PART 6: WORKOUTS – The workouts are not going to be easy, they are not supposed to be. But the aim is to make you understand the basics of workouts before you perform them, something which no online transformation program will teach you. It’s not just about doing a workout but exactly how you push yourself and how to manipulate variables like time under tension, reps and sets, intensity and volume, and make the workout more challenging.




A1. Anyone Can. People from various countries around the world enrol in GENESIS. Clients from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle Eastern countries, South Asian countries, and the whole of India.

They are from all age groups and all professions. From students to housewives, from IT & corporate professionals to Surgeons and other medical professionals, from businessmen to professional athletes, from various chronic and acute medical and injury rehab cases to people who want relief from all the lies they have been sold by various trainers and dieticians. The list is endless.

The differences in the body  transformation program come with individuals, not with sex or age. That’s why GENESIS is designed individually by AKSHAY sir himself, not by a computer to make sure, that all get proper attention.



A2. NO & YES. This is one of those questions which most people answer in a deceptive manner. Let me make this point clear before you move forward.

Any body transformation program promising you instant results is simply lying to you. The before-after pics can be put in any numbers, as most of them are fake and never give you the real story. There are way too many variables on which results in matter.

Let’s take the most practical example. In a class of 50 students, why everyone doesn’t get good grades? This is despite the fact that teachers are the same, books are the same, same school, same education system, same syllabus, and almost everything is similar. Isn’t it? NO, there are too many variables here:

  • Not every student has the same understanding and focus levels
  • Not every student is good at academics. Talent differs from kid to kid.
  • There can be family issues going on in a student’s life, which may be creating a lot of uncontrolled stress in their lives.
  • Not every student likes every subject…. and there are any other variables.

Similarly, when you talk about a fitness program, why doesn’t everyone gets results? And not everyone who joins a gym gets fit? Because there are too many variables to be considered:

  • It’s not about the fitness program, it’s about adherence to it. If the client is not following the fitness program due to any reason, then the world’s best fitness program also won’t give you results.
  • There can be a communication gap between the client and the coach, due to which results in plateau or are slow to come by.
  • There is some emergency in the life of the client, be it medical, work or family, due to which every plan is brought to a hold.
  • The client simply doesn’t follow the plan as told. If everyone would follow the plans, then won’t everyone transform in a matter of months.
  • There are many other unforeseen circumstances that occur.
  • Everyone has their own genetics, own life, and own goals. So, the same fitness program will give different results to different people.

That’s why, the practical answer of ‘will GENESIS give you results?’ will depend on a number of factors, not just one.

But one thing is a promise, everyone who has followed the plan as I have told has got results. That’s the truth!!


A3. Nothing much. Enrollment in GENESIS is a simple 2 STEP process, once you are ready to enrol. Just fill in the GENESIS QUESTIONNAIRE, deposit the fee, and you are ready to enrol.

The process has been made extremely simple and hassle-free for clients from any corner of the world. Moreover, because it’s completely online, there is nothing to miss upon.


A4. The fee of GENESIS has been reduced drastically, for the same reason, so that people from all walks of life, all age groups, even students, etc. can afford it. This is also done to do away with the hassle of instalments. So, enrollment in GENESIS would require a one-time fee payment, to do away with all economic hassles.


A5. A common doubt I get from various clients before enrollment. The answer is simple:

  • Before enrollment, the movement you are ready to enrol and get the questionnaire, you will have the personal number of AKSHAY CHOPRA, so that you can speak to him directly, and discuss your doubts personally with him.
  • Post enrollment, because you will be totally under his guidance, you will be in contact with him through various mediums, i.e. email, WhatsApp, personal phone, etc.
  • During the program, you will get all doubts solved anytime you like from AKSHAY CHOPRA directly. There is no third person involved, except a WERSTUPID/GENESIS team member who will make things more smooth for you and will be in touch with you for your constant feedback.


A6. Absolutely You Can. Just like all cases, medical cases are personally taken care of by AKSHAY sir, and there is a thorough one on one discussion with such clients, to solve all the doubts they have in mind.

What we need to understand that, there is a line between the fitness & medical profession. This line has to be clearly demarcated. Many fitness coaches try to enter the medical field without any pre-knowledge of the subject. They can’t and should not. That’s the medical professional’s job. That’s why a good discussion with the client is very much needed before enrollment in the fitness program.


A7. Absolutely Not. You don’t have to count calories or weigh your food on a weighing scale. That’s the dumbest thing anyone can recommend today. Never in the history of human beings, have we counted calories or weighed our food and eaten.

Food and eating is a basic pleasure in life. The aim of a coach is to make things easier for you, not unnecessarily difficult. GENESIS will teach you how to understand your hunger patterns and design your meal in a more balanced way both in terms of quality and quantity.

Once you know this, you won’t need any dietician ever. That’s something no wants you to know, as they risk losing their customer. But, the aim of GENESIS(The Best body transformation program in india) is to educate you first.



A8. Through Strength, your mirror and your Clothes. Sounds weird? Let me explain.

Throughout human history, the best and actually the simplest way to see changes in your body is through Strength. If your strength is increasing in the gym, results are coming.

The next step is your mirror and your clothes which will give you better visual indications than any other machine. If you have access to a BCA machine, its good, but not everyone has access to it, and not everyone needs it.


A9. Yes & No. Yes, you need access to a gym. No, home workouts have tons of limitations.

Why a gym is always better over home workouts is:

  • A gym is a dedicated place for a workout, where the people come with the sole purpose of working out. Seeing everyone moving and coaches pushing you gives you the much-needed motivation which most people lack, and can never get at home.

It’s like a school. You can educate yourself at home too, but you go to a school because it’s a dedicated area for studying, with teachers and students helping you in focusing on the sole purpose of academics and sports.

  • Safe and proper progressions are generally not possible in-home workouts, due to either lack of equipment, or lack of proper exercise form/technique.

A gym gives you a dedicated environment with all equipment where you can safely progress through your workouts, and push yourself to break the pain barriers.

  • There is no one to disturb you in a gym setting. At home there are way too many distractions, be it your maid, your kids, family, guests, etc.


A10. Akshay sir has dedicated his life for his passion for fitness. All his time goes in connecting with clients, researching and writing articles and books, shooting videos, managing gyms, giving talks and lectures around the country, and designing GENESIS fitness programs. All are part of his daily work life.

Along with that, he has a dedicated team working for him 24hrs to assist him in all his businesses, both offline and online, due to which he is able to focus on the most essential parts of his work, which need his personal attention.

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Genesis Fat Loss

This program is for those who wants to lose their body fat and want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Genesis Muscle Gain

This program is for those who want to build lean muscle mass and live a fitter and a smarter life.

Genesis Pro

This program is not for just competetive athletes, but for serious ones, who want to rise high in the ranks of their sports.

11 Responses

  1. Dear Akshay,

    I happen to be your Genesis client and the way you have shaped my thought process negating all the myths and misunderstandings I had regarding a normal healthy life is appreciable and I cannot thank you enough even though I paid for it but that price was peanuts for the mindset you have provided.

    I can’t thank you enough for the schedule I worked on. I have never scaled my progress as I did in those three months. Yes the changes are not so exaggerated but guess what I am gaining strength and yes I am losing inches so the start is good.

    We came to this Covid19 situation and stuck at our homes. Being an active workout doing individual I couldn’t see myself sitting for more than 5 days so I started doing stair climbing and descending along with homework and it did bring out good results in my body and overall mindset.

    I was really not into the home workouts available online for a few reasons,
    1) They lacked interest.
    2) There were a lot of variety.
    3) workouts not designed keeping in mind every individual. Like a person who might be lifting heavy but for them doing basic pushups in good volume is difficult. I was one of them.
    4) The coherence and long term plan was missing like what next post this?

    Then came your home workout series. To be honest you showed a lot of variety too but that variety somehow felt personal. Like yes I can do this exercise and yes it is challenging me. Yes I could switch between novice and expert level exercises if not all.

    I always was the one to ask you a super chat question on youtube whenever you came for Q&A live in this lockdown even though I had full access to your number and also your time but that was a gesture of mine to support your working :-). I had so many questions and I wanted to put it there so that someone who also has same queries could know what to do next.

    When you came to the last series of 7 days 100 pushups program, I was very excited like this is the time I need to push myself to get beyond my fear of can’t do pushups in volumes. Obviously the thought of 10 sets – 10 reps normal pushup was tiring and basically I couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried.

    I started with one knee support and did 5 sets of 20 reps plus squats or rowing or calf raises or sumo walks as a superset.
    I did but only 5 sets – 20 reps both exercises.
    It did two things for me,
    1) reduced my set numbers but hitting all reps.
    2) knee support being easier challenged me with higher reps per set.
    3) I was a happy kid with reduced sets 🙂

    Now I wanted to progress. I asked you this how to progress on the live sessions. You suggested do only three sets of 10 and leave. That particular thought hit me like anything that I am eyeing a big number but that number is stopping me to start.

    I started and did 50 reps + I completed a total of 100 reps by doing 50 with single knee pushups. I was a happy kid again.
    Three weeks down now I repped out 70 in 5 sets plus 30 single knee pushups and eyeing for 100 in 6 sets in coming 3 more weeks 🙂
    I am happy to say I could rep out 13 reps in a single set with full depth now without any issue which actually blocked my vision to not do it.

    I guess the testimonial came out very long and I hope it wasn’t boring but I had to put out my heart to appreciate your work and help you have given me in whatever ways it came.

    Wish you a great life ahead Akshay and I will keep on being a curious kid on your Q&A live sessions 😉

    With best regards
    Pankaj keswani

  2. After I got my Genesis program recently, I read the whole thing and honestly speaking you are a fitness guardian for me/fitness god. I’ve read all those things which I keep thinking or wondering in my mind like- no use of the treadmill. I agree with this because I used to do cardio a lot and jog and run on a treadmill like a stupid and I was lean but not strong.
    I think sir you’ve read my mind.
    Aloe Vera, garlic, chia seeds that you suggested to me, my mom also used to suggest me ki Aman you should try, these will be good for you. But again hum maao ki nahi sunte. We think hume sab pata hai. Now my mom will know this and she’ll be like- ‘Maine toh kaha tha meri kaha sunta hai tu’.
    Thank you sir for this amazing program.

  3. Akshay sir is the best fitness trainer I have come across in my life. My situation is complex as I am a case of Hypo Pituatarism undergone brain tumour surgery in 2006 and was on steroids for 13 years. I quit all my drugs under the observation of my Endocrinologist. Akshay has taken the time to understand and customize my workout my diet. He is very talented and has a wide range of options to help case to case basis. I saw improvements and decided not to search scroll any fitness website or trainer or dietician after interaction with him.
    He is the master, the genuine person and advises honestly to guide you for your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.
    Thanks a ton.

  4. Hi sir, yesterday I had mentioned on your raspberry ketone diet blog that the connecting hyperlinks were not working because of the keyword ‘new’ instead of ‘www’. This issue persists with other blogs too, including this one. I would request you to take a look and see how many blogs have been affected.

    Thanks a lot for you & your team’s effort for this awareness.

  5. I’m really thankful to Akshay Sir
    I have learned a lot from him as a member of Genesis program.

  6. Genesis program was a game changer. I learned many things especially nutrition.

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Genesis Fat Loss

This program is for those who wants to lose their body fat and want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Genesis Muscle Gain

This program is for those who want to build lean muscle mass and live a fitter and a smarter life.

Genesis Pro

This program is not for just competetive athletes, but for serious ones, who want to rise high in the ranks of their sports.


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