Bhupesh sharma

 Transformation -1.2 years
If you have been exercising and not getting results and thinking what i am doing wrong then one men is there to help you is one and only MR. Akshay chopra Sirrrrrrrr , believe me you dont want any one else .My name is bhupesh and i have been exercising from last 8 years but not regularly due to work and family .
Now from last 3 years i am going gym regularly and did lots of hard work but after one year my progress is just stopped and i was thinking what i am doing wrong because i do every exercise in very good form but i am lackin something then i remembered askhay sir because i have been following him on YouTube from long time and i did contact him on Instagram and by Mail also and i got replied from him .
i shared my experience and problems woth him and joined his genesis program and believe me its what you want simple and very effective.
No fancy diet and exercise ,as i believe in old school exercise and strenght training and our thinking is same.
if anyif any body wants to transform their life and body .please join him asap.