Gopakumar Nair

Hello Akshay Sir, Have been following your videos and listening to your vlogs from more than an year now and like you mentioned in your recent YOUR TRAINER IS FAKE IF….post i have broken the stereotype advises of the coaches and trainers and followed clean nutrition and hard-work for over 18 months now and results have been very encouraging : –
as you said trainers push you to a bundle pack/stack of supplements with fancy packing and push you to get personal training, wherein they just help you load weights on Barbells and Put your DB back to rack and sometime even lay the YOGA MAT for you on floor, I have not even for a month in these 20 months taken any kind of PT and yet have reached an inspiring transformation to a lot of my age and professional group….
I wish to thank you for inspiring us back home with clean as water advice and support and hell lot of confidence to reject the gimmicks played around in this fitness industry …..
if I may share here of my transformation from past year and express my sincere gratitude for your lessons and gleam of light all across my way of transformation from around 100kgs to now around 86Kgs with reduced Body Fat and higher Muscle mass