Harsh Sharma

Science and all is cool but the best thing about Genesis is it’s practicality and how organised and planned it is. I really enjoyed the experience especially with the exercises selected for me. This planned approach helped me not only get back my muscles but hit my PR. The team was helpful in every manner especially helping me with my exercise forms. I did gain fat during the process but the amount of strength I gained is truly what I love this program for. I still have 5 weeks left and am looking forward to it. Akshay sir not relying solely on scientific research but years of experience of training was what was truly impressive. This is a very strong program and I am looking forward to take exercise selections from Akshay sir suiting my goals for a long time to come.

Another point I would highlight is the beauty and emphasis on our local cuisine. I truly believed and understood how beautiful our Indian cuisine is but the stupid trainers out there had made it such a taboo which really frustrated me. Chicken broccoli for bodybuilding like that makes no sense to me. The respect and emphasis Akshay sir had on Indian diet was truly impressive and I salute him for this. The stupid dieticians approach to nutrition was simply disrespectful to me being an Indian because of the way it demeaned my eating patterns.

The best workout from an experienced athlete himself. Highly recommended program for everyone.