Madhav Sharma

I wanted to share my success ,following the Genesis program created by India’s Finest fitness trainers and Authors Akshay sir. I suffered from various issues with my body including multiple injuries ,gynocomestia, hormonal imbalances and sleep disturbances and being overweight.This program not only helped me to loose weight which was earlier 96 kgs before starting the program and now I am 86 kgs after 3 months but also helped me with all the other issues too. And most importantly it was done using the most minimilstic and realistic approaches and not following any fancy,fad diet and workouts. I am very happy with my results and this program not only transforms your body but your lifestyle, which no other plans do. This all was possible with constant support of akshay sir and I want to thank Team We R Stupid for creating such an amazing program.And looking forward for next 3 to 4 months to transform my body to achieve my goal.