Sameer ranalkar

I enrolled in Genesis program in August 2020. I am 6 feet 2 inch tall person, without much muscle definition and my goal was to gain muscles, remove the belly fat and also posture correction to extend, which was there due to lack of muscles.Enrollment in Genesis was like a next level all together. Before genesis, I was doing regular exercises for around 8 months. However, I was not seeing much improvement, since my basics of exercise and nutrition were not clear.To summarise my Genesis program – I improved my physical activities a lot, ate homemade food all days, had only 2 supplements, no fancy brown bread, brocolli, Greek Yogurt. Hence, my parents were also supportive and indeed happy to have me following clean diet. After 3 months, I understand that when Akshay sir talks about considering individual’s cultural tastes, he really means it.

After around 15 weeks, I can see lot of muscle gain. I feel better when I wear the same cloths in which I used to feel skinny, earlier. Also, there are improvements in my posture.I learnt lots of new workouts from Akshay sir, which were indeed effective.I would like to thank Akshay sir and his team (Rajat sir, Urmila mam) for helping me in this journey. Their support is Amazing. No matter what query you have, they are always keen to help you.

One of the best all in one fitness programs ever