Shanthi shetty

So here goes my story…I have always been an overweight kid. However, things started getting worse during my engineering studies and later on night shifts, which is ongoing even now. I desperately started going to aerobics class in order to lose weight and would just survive on just one cup of juice and in the evening would eat bhelPuri thinking its healthy. Due to excessive cardio from aerobics and poor eating habits, I started looking older as I started to lose muscle. Later on I started working out in a gym, again my nutrition was not on point. After a few years, I came across on an online diet platform and got under 4 mentors. However, these mentors would never be available for any queries or clarifications and would just leave me in a lurch. I would measure each gram and looking at this my parents would get mad at me. Also, I would get so anxious to go socialize thinking I would not be able to maintain my diet. And boom, I discovered Akshay Chopra, I got to know so many things from him. Sir is always available to clear my doubts and educate me. I eat sensibly now. No cravings for junk. Akshay sir’s workouts are challenging. I gained amazing strength (chest press: 5 to 40kg, squats: 40 to 80kg, over 2 inches of far loss). I’m happy to have been knowing him now. I got over the obsession of getting under a mentor or personal trainer. He also took me off from many wasteful supplements. Thank you so much sir for giving this lifetime opportunity for learning.