Hey allI joined Genesis around 2.5 months back. Being a banker, my job is 100% sitting job and as I’m staying away from home, i usually ate junk food whenever I felt hungry.During the lockdown in 2020, I thought of to start workout and diet but I ended up getting very minor results. I had a myth that green tea will remove the fat so I started drinking that about 4 cups daily . This is stupid that I come to know after joining we r stupid. Then in January 2021 my brother and I joined Genesis program. Because of covid 19 Gyms were closed so I asked sir for Home workout and he gave me workout schedule that can be easily done with Just 2 dumbbells. Although m not that much fit even after 3 months thats because of my workload in JFM but yeah I’m getting visible results with alot of cheating and skipped workouts. I will suggest Genesis as they don’t give any fix diet or fancy diet and they do help in every single problem of yours. Before joining this program drinking protein was like impossible for me but they suggests best products that you can have without any problem. Akshay sir also gave me consulting sessions whenever I needed and that’s the best part.Now from April 1, surely I will be strictly following Akshay sir.Will be back with more muscles and lesser fat.