Vysagh Venugopal

i am 21yr old . Some months back i had gone on a trek with my friends and 5 mins into the trek i realised i was not gonna make it up and pulled back from trek. This is when i realised i had hit the rock bottom. Being just 20 and not able to complete a short trek made me feel like i was hurting my body more than it can be by just putting on weight, it was then i realised a change was needed. Like any other person i got on youtube tried lots of diet and workouts , blindly followed advices of “so called “ fitness exprets but this dint make a single change. Then i came across a channel that had a different name and this changed my outlook on fitness . I watched akshay sir’s videos one by one and this made me understand that fitness is not all about weight loss or diets but its the total mental health and being focussed on your body rather than following any blind routines.
I followed Sir’s videos and made diet plan and workout schedule that suits me and what made me trust his advices was the fact that sir always mentions the research and science behind every fitness concept. Down the line after dropping over 60 pounds i can say that i have never felt this energetic and active in my life and made fitness a part of my lifestyle. The changes you make today will result in a better you tomorrow