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I mean seriously? What the hell!!

This is what I found when I was searching online for the Indian fitness institutes offering various fitness & nutrition related courses.

In fact, like many things we discussed, this is a classic way to make a fool out of a person and earn money.

Can the institutes offering these courses answer the following questions:

  • What is the difference between an international trainer course & a basic trainer course?

  • Is the course taught in international countries different or supposed to be different from the ones offered in India?

  • Is the Indian course you are offering inferior to the international course? If that’s the case, then why are you offering it?

  • What is the difference between a personal trainer certified from an international organization or a domestic organization, if the course content is similar?

  • Are you targeting some special type of population by offering different courses?

  • There is no international organization which offers a basic personal training course and then another personal training course. So what’s the amazing content you are offering?

The reality is that the above questions have no answers.

  • There is no difference between an international trainer course or basic trainer course. The latter is just a substandard course made to get more money out of the students pocket, and convince them in doing a basic trainer first and then go for an international trainer course. An good international personal training course will give you everything you need from the very basics. Rest depends on your understanding and the faculty teaching you.

  • Internationally or domestically there may be a difference in terms of course content being offered in the institutes. But there is no basic course and then international course.

  • This simply means, that the domestic course is inferior and the international course is superior, so first do a basic course inferior course and then do an international course. This is not just foolishness, but absolutely unnecessary.

  • If the course content is similar a basic personal trainer course is similar in most aspects. You don’t have to do it in multiple levels and pay more.

  • Some institutes may justify this stupidity by saying that they have created a short term course for basic understanding of people from poor section of the society or students who are not well educated. But then that should be a part of the main personal trainer course. And it should be simply free or them as an addition, not charge the poor people more in the name of two courses. Then it may be termed as a social service to these kids.

  • Offering inferior content and making it a different course to earn additional money is scamming people, not helping them.

Therefore, all the guys looking for such courses, beware of these fitness education scams where you have to spend unnecessary money on worthless courses, which offer zero benefits and zero enhancement in knowledge or earning opportunities.

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