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How deep should you squat : This ebook aims at giving you the study based information on how deep should one go in a squat. 

Cardio or strength training : Read this ebook and know the answer of most complicated question- what training should be done first: strength or cardio.

Muscle failure and beyond should you, shouldn’t you : This ebook focuses to tell more about concept of muscle failure, its research and how you can use it effectively to get amazing results.   

Time under tension : Read and get to know how you can incorporate the concept of Tempo in your workouts and make them super effective and efficient… 

What is the best time to workout :This comprehensive ebook will surely clear all your doubts on which time is best for doing exercise, morning or evening for getting better results. 

Exercise frequency : know the correct facts behind this variable and optimize your training to the best by this ebook  

Anabolic overreaching :This ebook, will explain you the real difference between overtraining and overreaching, and how planned overreaching can actually skyrocket your results  

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