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Decision fatigue : This amazing eBook will give you the complete research behind the concept of Decision Fatigue.

Why you need a checklist : Read to know why a checklist can play a crucial role in your life and profession and how you can multiply your productivity with this simple tool.

Why is the media so negative : Dive into this ebook to know the hidden truth behind the news, and why it actually has no major role to play in your lives.

How to give a tip : Ebook on tipping will tell the true meaning of tipping and its purpose.

Read, read and read more : This is an eBook will give you concise info on the amazing benefits of reading every day, and motivate you to be an avid reader.

Toxic Blonde : This amazi ng eBook will enlighten you to the dangers of colouring your hair, and how this practice has taken a turn into the dangerous world of addiction.

Coaching tuition centre- curse or boon : This eBook is on the coaching/tuition centres,which are used as a tool to fulfil the dreams of a highly competitive society.


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