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Triphala : Read this detailed eBook on the amazing research done behind Triphala.

Wonders of Tulsi : This amazing eBook will give you a detailed insight into the research behind a wonder plant, Tulsi.

The wonders of Giloy/Guduchi :This eBook will tell you everything you wanted to know about the Miraculous Healing Powers of giloy.

Neem : Here in this book, you will get to know the advantages of neem as regard various aspect in our body.

Ashwagandha : This eBook will reveal the amazing research based benefits of the wonder herb: Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera).

Karela and Jamun : This amazing eBook will give you a research based insight into the amazing combination of Karela & Jamun.

Shilajit : A research and information compilation on one of the earth’s most powerful substance for human health and longevity.

Amla : This amazing eBook will give you a detailed overview about the wonders of Amla and Vitamin C.

Love you Honey : This eBook will give you a researched insight into the wonders of Honey.

The magic Aloe Vera : In this ebook, you will get details on how Aloe Vera can help you, what diseases and ailments it can cure and different ways of using it for a better lifestyle.      


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