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In India, when we talk about offline options, these include:

  1. General Trainers, Personal Trainers, Head Coaches, Club Managers.
  2. Dieticians or Nutritionists employed in different medical or non-medical institutes.
  3. Group trainers, which include: Zumba, bhangra, Bollywood etc; yoga and Pilates; sports based fitness activities like kickboxing, MMA, boxing, etc.

Let’s understand the PROs of this type of employment:

  • Consistent source of income
  • A great working environment
  • Knowledge sharing among other co-trainers
  • A consistent inflow of clients
  • No major indirect expense like rentals, electricity, salaries, etc.
  • The best way to start a fitness career

Let’s understand the CONs of this type of employment:

  • Consistent source of income
  • A great working environment
  • Knowledge sharing among other co-trainers
  • A consistent inflow of clients
  • No major indirect expense like rentals, electricity, salaries, etc.
  • You only have a set number of hours you can work

Wait a minute, is there a printing mistake? Did you just read the same points in both PROs & CONs? Yes, you did, and that’s what the issue is?

For a fitness professional, being involved in an offline source of employment is just like a normal personal engaged in a government job. Such type of job does provide imaginary security and consistency, but it massively pulls down the potential for your inner and outer growth.

But, unlike a government job, where there is a sort of job security, medical and pension benefits; in an offline employment scenario in your case, there is none of these things. So the safety & job security is purely in your mind. Some time back I made a video on my channel WE R STUPID, how trainers are being paid, peanuts in the name of salary, and how losing a job in this field is as common as changing an underwear.

Market is full of cheap labour in South Asia, and that’s why the entire world is dependent on us for their manufacturing and a lot of other jobs, which they get done, at 1/10th the price, they would actually pay for in their own country. For any reason, if you are out of your current job in the fitness field, there are many out there to replace you, even at a much lower cost.

NO ONE IS IRREPLACEABLE IN THE WORLD, NO ONE. The day you get this clear, the entire myth of job security and safety will be out of your mind.

Now, let’s discuss about a great working environment and knowledge sharing among coaches. Again, this too sounds true, but let’s understand the hidden meaning here. Of course, a nicely designed gym or health centre, fully air conditioned, and great looking clientele are words which will impress anyone. The question is have you asked the coaches actually working in these gyms.

Of course, the fitness professional’s job is one of the most loved and enjoyed. Most of the coaches, follow it purely out of passion. But, when you have superficial objectives and targets to fulfil in terms of PTs & revenue; when you are paid peanuts for your hard work, and when you find that there are only a set number of hours you have in a day to work (which automatically limits your earning from an offline source); then these very pros, may turn into cons.

Similarly, knowledge sharing takes place in an environment which fosters learning. When the gym/health club is opened by a person, who has no idea about the very word ‘fitness’, and run under the guidance of a head coach, who is a head not because of his knowledge, but because of this age. Someone, whose primary aim is to fill his own pockets, and his main business is selling steroids and supplements, than to run the gym, or worry about his fellow coaches.

Knowledge sharing happens between knowledgeable people, not between a cleaner/helper turned trainer, and another coach, whose primary qualification is graduation through correspondence, and absolutely nothing in fitness or related fields. That’s the condition of so called fitness-professionals today.

fitness professionals chatting

When it comes to direct inflow of clients and no overhead costs, this too seems to be the biggest hurdle in your career progression. Remember, CHALLENGES & RESPONSIBILITIES, FOSTERS GROWTH.

When you have a responsibility over your head, to earn more for yourself and your family, pay your bills, and still break that ice sealing of minimal salary and survival, when you have a challenge everyday of your life to get new clients and new sources of income, you will remain on your toes and will search for new growth opportunities.

The only strong positive point about Offline Options is that this is indeed the best way to start your career, and get exposure about the fitness field. All your practical & theoretical knowledge is of no use, if you can’t implement it on your clients and give LONG-TERM & SUSTAINABLE results to them.

Offline Options, is the best way to interact one-on-one with your clients, from all walks of life, and learn about their problems, and provide them solutions. The first aspect of any business or profession involving dealing with clients, is understanding client psychology. And this is the best way to understand how to understand and deal with clients. Nothing teaches you better, than direct human interaction.


When we talk about Online Fitness Options, we need to understand that, these need not be separate from Offline Options. They in fact, can beautifully complement the Offline Options, or themselves may form the Direct Earning options for many.

online fitness options

All the options, except the ones in mentioned above in the Offline Options will come under the umbrella of Online Fitness Options. But if you think, the Online Fitness Options are the ones to considered as a side option, then you are 100% wrong. It’s just to put them in a category of Online Fitness Options, for the sake of explanation. Otherwise, they can be the biggest source of revenue for you, especially in today’s scenario.

Let’s understand the PROs of this type of employment:

  • Absolutely no limit to the amount of money you can earn
  • There no issue with the number of hours due to indirect earning
  • You are your own boss
  • There is unlimited growth opportunity

Let’s understand the CONs of this type of employment:

  • It’s tougher than you can even imagine
  • There is no off days, or holidays, it’s your own business
  • Lot of struggle initially
  • You need to be constantly learning and upgrading
  • You will need help, especially in the IT & Social Media platforms
  • As the business grows, overhead costs grows

When we discuss about the growth and earning opportunities here, believe me there is absolutely no limits to how much you can earn. There are many income sources and streams you can create. Of course, it needs tremendous effort and patience, and a lot of time devotion. But, believe me, this is the future, and the satisfaction is tremendous.

Unlike the offline options, where being a human being, and a day being of 24 hrs only, you have a limited amount of energy, time and focus, in any particular day, along with tons of personal & family commitments, which also need your attention; the equation of earning = number of hours, no longer applies to the online options. This is because the amount of people, both nationally and internationally you can reach is unlimited. This creates an automatic and constant source of income, from multiple sources. In simple terms, you will be earning even while sleeping.

Of course, most of the fitness professionals are not IT professionals or social media expert. Having a set number of followers on social media, does not make you an expert. Believe me there is hell lot of expertise needed, and you cannot handle everything on your own. It’s simply not possible, if you try, then you will be distracted, from the main job at hand. You will need expert help, and a dedicated team. Again, as all this grows the overhead cost grows. That’s why it needs time and patience, and a detailed strategy & execution plan.

Now, the grass always looks greener on the other side, and it is easier said than done. The online option is much more tougher to implement and needs much more time and energy devotion, than you can ever imagine. It’s not a 8-10hr shift job, it’s a work, where you are your own boss, which sounds very pleasing, but it in simple terms means, that all profits and the losses, are all for you to bear now. There is no holiday, no off days, no rest, till the time you really build up a sustainable business.

Most people give up, because they thought it to be too easy and had a rosy picture in mind. But remember, to get the rose, you have to go through the thorns, you have to bleed, and you have to work your fuckin ass off. Remember the most important lesson for your life:

life doesnt get easier you just get stronger

You have to go through the grind, and the biggest lie people told you is, that it becomes easier, as you move up. Question is, who are these people? These are the same ones, who have never made it, or never even attempted? The people who have made it, or who have done that, will tell you the truth, and the truth is that, the pain doesn’t reduce, the effort doesn’t decrease, the grind doesn’t stop; instead, you start enjoying it. That’s the reality of life.

It’s the same like your workouts, as you start getting stronger in the gym, you start lifting heavier, the workouts become more intense, the pain & soreness grows with it. But you start loving it. The pain becomes a part of your life. You start relishing the soreness. The same is true for every field in life, because that is life.

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