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The legendary Reg Park, was famous for his brutal workouts. The best part about the athletes of the golden era, was the simplicity of the workouts. No fancy equipment, no fancy movements, just simple hard workouts.

Out of the many workouts I have given you from the Golden Era, here is another of Reg Park’s amazing routine to develop a phenomenal back.

  • Wide grip Pull-ups – 4×11 (first 8 reps, complete pullup; last 3 reps, pull half way up, contract the back and hold isometrically for as long as you can)
  • Bent over rowing – 4×9
  • One arm dumbbell row – 4×9 each hand
  • Deadlift – 5×5

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  1. Where is reg park chest routine and other workouts are also missing from youtube it shows not available

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