Sprint workouts are without exception, one of the most powerful ways to burn fat, shoot up the metabolism and transform your physique.

Lot of people have this myth that they need to be an athlete to perform sprints or sprints are not for untrained individuals. Sprint intervals can be performed by people of all ages with absolute safety.

People always imagine the extremes when an exercise or workout concept is discussed. For e.g. when they are told to lift weight, the first picture they get in mind is of a bodybuilder, similarly when we talk about sprints, they imagine an Olympic level sprinter.

You don’t have to worry about such extremes. Human beings have evolved to do sprints and our hunter gatherer used to do regular sprint trainings either to catch an animal by sprinting behind it or to sprint away from an animal chasing him.

If you are a beginner, start with slow jogs and do a couple of fast sprints, not overstretching yourself. For people who are already fit and want to move up further or have hit a plateau, there is nothing better than sprint intervals.

You want more ripped abs, stronger legs, elevated testosterone and growth hormone, increase your mental toughness and physical endurance and power, then let’s sprint.

Here is one of the many sprint interval circuits you can perform:

Take some marker cones and put them at 40m, 60m, and 80m from the start point on a straight track.


Now from the start Sprint for 40m

Jog back for 40m to the starting point

Then, Sprint for 60m

Jog back for 60m to the starting point

Finally, Sprint for 80m

Jog back for 80m to the starting point

 Repeat the cycle 4 times with 3min break in between. You can also design your own circuit by minimising the time in between rest intervals and increasing the distances.

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